The Bank of Japan's Governor Kuroda said at the House of Representatives' settlement administration monitoring committee on the 18th that the recent depreciation of the yen was "a fairly sudden exchange rate fluctuation" and "in the case of a rapid depreciation of the yen, the minus will be large." He said he would carefully look at the impact of the rapid depreciation of the yen on SMEs and households.

Among them, the Bank of Japan's governor Kuroda said, "The recent depreciation of the yen has progressed by about 10 yen in about a month, and it is a fairly rapid exchange rate fluctuation. Excessively rapid fluctuations have a negative impact on the economy through increased uncertainty. It is also necessary to consider that it acts on. "

On top of that, Governor Kuroda said, "If the import price rises, the burden on households will increase, and the profits of small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot pass on the rise in import prices will decrease. It is important to note that the impact is uneven depending on the size, scale, and economic entity. "

On the other hand, Governor Kuroda said, "The depreciation of the yen has not changed the evaluation that the Japanese economy as a whole is positive." He emphasized the current stance of continuing monetary easing, saying that it could lead to deterioration of corporate profits.