Zhongxin Finance, April 16 (Zuo Yukun) "Buying a dish every day is the same as making a debut, and you have to form a group." This joke is a joke that Shanghai citizens often talk about recently.

  At the moment, there is a group of people called "group leaders" who have become one of the "cutest people" in Shanghai.

On weekdays, they may come from all walks of life, but in the current epidemic, they have become the heads of vegetables, fruits, eggs... They are working hard to fill the stomachs of the residents.

The "group leader" and the staff are dealing with the materials for the group purchase.

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Birth of the Captain

  Speaking of why he started to be the head of the group, Guo Lin, who lives in Yangpu District of Shanghai, said frankly that he is usually busy with work and has no habit of buying and cooking.

"After the community was closed, I felt that I had to find a way to get food, and it happened to be able to bring everyone together to make a group of vegetables and meat."

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Aida's community in Shanghai's Songjiang District, various groups have sprung up, and the most lively is the Tuancai group.

"I have been buying vegetables at a friend's farm before, and I have been buying them for 2 years. When I saw that my neighbors couldn't buy green vegetables, I was very anxious, so I shared this channel." Starting from April 1, Ada's group Solitaire group buying started.

  Maya from Changning District, Shanghai, has been "rising" step by step from the "deputy head": "In the beginning, he was drawn into the community group buying organization by kind neighbors, and received a lot of help from everyone. Slowly becoming the 'deputy head' Help the group, and then find resources to start your own group. Our community is relatively small, and there are many elderly people, so I silently feel that I can help a little bit.”

  Ziqi from Pudong District, Shanghai was also moved to "start a group": "One day my boyfriend was lucky enough to grab fresh milk, but he had to sell it in a box. The shelf life was too short when we sent it home. I definitely couldn't finish it, so I decided to give some to the neighbors across the street."

  Ziqi usually has no contact with the neighbors. When she knocked on the door, the uncle who opened the door looked older than her father, and the children were not around.

"After explaining the purpose of his visit, Uncle kept asking for money, but we kept rejecting it, and finally forced it to him."

  "Thank you, thank you, we really can't buy it." The words to Uncle Men touched Ziqi, because she wanted to help more people and started her own way of being a leader.

Group purchase of various materials.

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Captain's Experience

  It's easy to say at the beginning, but every step after the real start, publishing information - initiating solitaire - answering questions - initiating collection - statistics - making forms - connecting with merchants - urging logistics - connecting with neighborhood committees and volunteers - dividing goods and settling accounts... Steps are not easy.

  Guo Lin recalled that at the beginning, he was "collapsed".

There is a group buying group for the whole community, and the group has vegetables, milk, eggs, rice, noodles and oil.

Sometimes several kinds of things join the group together, and when something arrives, the group will be cut off, and two hours later, someone will pick it up again; sometimes several people will start a group separately, and the residents’ money will be transferred to one person.

  "I didn't think much about it at first, but after a while, I received thousands of dollars, and I became nervous after receiving the money." Recalling the experience of opening a group for the first time, Guo Lin joked that his own occupation was Lawyers, if they are deceived along with dozens of neighbors, if it is rumored that their careers will end here.

  "I made an appointment to deliver the dishes in the afternoon, but it was still dark. Neighbors are eagerly reminding me in the group, just in case, keep the evidence." Fortunately, Guo Lin finally arrived at 1 in the morning. Waiting for the food to come.

  Due to the shortage of transportation resources, "waiting" is something that the regiment leaders have to experience on a daily basis.

  "At present, the materials are relatively sufficient, and the cost and difficulty are still due to the freight of the car." Master Xu, who is engaged in the transportation of group shopping materials in Shanghai, told Zhongxin Finance that now only trucks with a pass can enter Shanghai, and many fellow villagers in his hometown want to come. Helping is also powerless, "come to Shanghai, the itinerary code has stars, it will be difficult to go to other places."

  Speaking of the current increase in freight rates compared to the daily increase, Master Xu gave a figure of "10 times".

  "I was running in the urban area of ​​Shanghai, and many of my colleagues were quarantined, and the transportation capacity was also tight. The freight for the whole vehicle to transport vegetables from the farm basically increased from several hundred to several thousand." Master Xu said, and listened to his colleagues chatting. In the past, some people have channels to get materials from other places to sell them in Shanghai. The cost of a single departure has risen from the original 1,000 yuan to about 10,000 yuan, but some people in the city are willing to bid 30,000 to 40,000 yuan to buy them.

  "I usually pull 200 copies in one car. Sometimes it happens that several communities share a car. If you can't sell it, you can't have any leftovers. The vegetables will be broken as soon as you go back and forth." As Master Xu said, the "minimum order" of group buying is also Test the wisdom of the leaders.

  "Our community is very small, there are only 100 households in total, and it is not easy to form a group every time." Maya once ordered a group purchase order that required a minimum order of 70 copies, but it was impossible to form a group, so she tried to pull 20 people from the next community. group.

  "We are separated from the neighboring community by an iron fence, and we can exchange things, and they are all in the prevention area that is not serious. After the matchmaking is successful, the group formation rate of our community is no longer worried." Ma Ya said.

Residents communicate in group buying groups.

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Captain's Attack

  "When I saw the Gantt chart (a project management professional form) in the group buying group in the community, I thought that a work group was opened. At this time, I began to realize that our community is not simple." Engaged in the design industry Ziqi found that with the rounds of group buying, a group of hidden "technical neighbors" emerged in the community.

  "I have held a few tours in the community, and I have used the knowledge of products and interactions. I even drew the distribution map of the different lanes and building numbers of the community and the dynamic diagram of the distribution. I have never had such a sense of professional achievement. "Ziqi said that a few days ago, there was an uncle in the community who divided three whole pigs in one night, and I heard that some communities sent residents with experience in surgeons to divide the pork.

  "Combining the current situation of the supply side and the demand side, we will screen the qualifications of suppliers, complete the negotiation on price and material delivery period, produce SOP standardized operation process documents, and gradually complete the community group buying ecology." In Ziqi's circle of friends, there is a group leader who jokes so much. road.

  Guo Lin, who used to know nothing about meat, vegetables, custard, and custard, has recently become addicted to the world of food: "30 eggs/plate, 45 yuan per plate, 8 boxes, or 96 plates, is the limit I can get." Because more than 5,000 eggs were collected in two batches, Guo Lin said that his friends now call him "Yangpu Egg King".

  However, "Yangpu Egg King" admitted that his "Waterloo" is a banana.

"Don't make a bunch of bananas easily, especially if the price is calculated by each piece. The difference in quantity is not the key issue. The key is that the fruit merchant counts by the box. It may be said that 6 pieces per box are actually received, but 5 pieces are actually received. / box or even 4 / box, distribution is difficult."

  "I've been in the community for 20 years. I used to go out early every day and come back late, and I didn't know anyone. This time everyone is familiar with it." Ma Ya's most memorable thing is to help the elderly in the community to buy, "Some elderly people can't use mobile phones, we just Help with cash handling; some elderly people can't solitaire, so we help them. Later, I taught many uncles and aunts, and they are happy to say that they have mastered new skills."

  Ada's most unforgettable experience was a sudden "chicken eating": "The opposite of our community is KFC. It's been a long time since we ate fried chicken, and everyone was very greedy. My house happened to be in the front row of the community, and I yelled out with my voice. The KFC clerk, plus the contact information, made a group purchase."

  Ada's neighbors lamented that the number of people who can eat fried chicken now exceeds 90% of the population.

Another neighbor said that his son knew he could eat fried chicken, but he didn’t even write his homework, and asked over and over again if he got it back.

Just delivered, waiting for distribution of group shopping funds.

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Inspiration of the leader

  "If it wasn't for being the head of the group, I might never have known that the most popular ones during home quarantine were dumplings and buns." Maya explained that semi-finished products are in urgent demand than meat dishes, because some people are not good at cooking, Or renting a house without cooking utensils.

Milk and eggs are also in short supply, all of which are simple to cook.

  Under the epidemic, the supplies that everyone lacks are not the same, and many of them are unexpected in daily life.

  The special order that Ziqi bought in the group was sanitary napkins for women.

"The reason was that I saw a young mother in the community group asking for help, because there was really no sanitary napkins, so I had already cut the baby's diapers to use. There were also many girls asking, and it happened that a friend knew the group purchase channel of sanitary napkins, so I decided to group this one.”

  Two days later, Ziqi's "girl supplies group" formed a group.

"When it is distributed to everyone, everyone will say thank you many times. I also received candy and chocolate Coke from girls, which is very warm."

  Maya also mentioned that Coke has become the current "hard currency".

"Before we strictly quarantined at home, everyone had a tacit understanding that they only grouped the necessities; now it has become a prevention area, and you can come down and receive the goods, so you can group Coke."

  "The cola is super fast! But I just don't know when it will be delivered. It seems that the neighborhoods around us have not yet received carbonated beverages. When I receive it, I will definitely drink two in one go!"

  Ada still remembered that two nights ago, it rained heavily in Shanghai, but the eggs of the regiment came.

"When we started to send things downstairs, a lot of people came one after another, including a couple who came to help, a child who slept and a mother who came to help, and a few neighbors who didn't have umbrellas or raincoats, so they just came to help. ran out."

  "As for this fruit from our community group, the communities in need can contact them by themselves." "The farmer of our community group will deliver on the 8th, and can help deliver a bag of rice to the elderly in your community." With the gradual increase in group buying After growing up, several surrounding communities have also formed a "group leader group", where each group leader helps and shares with each other, just to be able to confidently say to their neighbors: "You have everything to eat, don't worry!"

  "It's just the most common thing we young people can do," Maya said.

  (At the request of the interviewee, the characters in the text are all pseudonyms) (End)