Katsuya Kawashima, president of Shinsei Bank, said in an interview with NHK that he would "show direction within a certain period of three years" regarding the repayment of public funds amounting to about 350 billion yen, which is an issue. He revealed his thoughts on the path to repayment in the next three years.

President Katsuya Kawashima, who took office in February after Shinsei Bank became a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, a major online finance company, responded to an interview with NHK on the 14th.

Regarding the repayment of public funds amounting to about 350 billion yen, President Kawashima said, "We will show the direction in which we can see that we are making sufficient progress toward repayment within a certain period of three years." rice field.

Regarding the specific repayment method, he said, "We will consider all options without denying them." He said, "We will fully utilize the know-how of Shinsei Bank that we have now and fully demonstrate the synergistic effect with the SBI Group. By doing so, further expansion of the customer base and profit base is a major pillar. ”He stated that he would work with SBI to repay public funds.

In addition, President Kawashima said that changing the company name of Shinsei Bank "has an important meaning in terms of showing that the SBI Group will firmly face the future of Shinsei Bank," and expressed his intention to proceed with consideration in the future. I did.