Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the price of "gold", which is regarded as a safe asset, has risen, and the futures price has exceeded 8,000 yen per gram for the first time.

As prices continue to rise, more and more customers are trying to exchange their gold for cash at precious metal stores in Tokyo.

In the gold futures trading held on the Osaka Exchange, the price of "February next year", which is the center of the transaction, temporarily reached 8014 yen per gram on the night of the 13th, surpassing 8000 yen for the first time, reaching the highest price. Has been updated.

This is due to the growing demand for gold, which is regarded as a safe asset, due to the fear of the future of the world economy following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

At precious metal stores in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, the trading price of gold is rising every day, and the number of customers who exchange their gold for cash or who are willing to buy gold in anticipation of further price increases is increasing. ..

A male customer in his 70s who visited the store said, "Today I came to sell the money I had for about 30 years. I didn't think it would rise so much. I want to use the cashed assets for donations to the university." I was talking.

Eiichiro Kato, General Manager of Precious Metals Retail Department of Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo, said, "Until now, there were many customers who did not know what to use even if they had money, but due to the tightening situation in Ukraine, they became interested in asset defense. I think there are many people. "