Elderly care topics

  Government supports enterprises to develop elderly products market has broad prospects

[Real challenges] There are few offline stores, online shopping is risky, and the elderly complain a lot about buying products suitable for the elderly

  [Coping strategies] The government issued a document to enrich the supply of smart and healthy elderly care products and services to enterprises, clearly developing and expanding the elderly care products industry; enterprises understand the real needs of the elderly, and develop professional products that take into account the cost-effectiveness

  At present, my country's elderly population has reached 264 million, and the market size of the silver-haired economy has exceeded 5 trillion yuan.

The products and services provided by "Silver Economy" for elderly friends have huge development prospects.

  After the "Sunset Red" gave birth to the "Chaoyang" market, the Chinese government supported the development of enterprises, and successively created a number of "high-quality brands for the elderly" with national influence. The elderly products are developing in a more comfortable, safer and smarter direction.

  Specialty store less high price

  Offline elderly supplies are scarce

  In a smart experience center for the elderly, chairs to help the elderly get up, smart mattresses for remote heart rate monitoring, and anti-pinch folding doors that can be opened both inside and outside. Although these elderly-friendly products have been used in many elderly care institutions , but old friends still complain: there are very few specialty stores for old friends, and it is not easy to buy anything suitable for them.

Aunt Liao, 63, admitted that online shopping is an important channel for her shopping.

Shopping malls are suitable for young people who buy many and expensive things. Usually, her children are busy with work, so she chose the cheap and affordable way of online shopping.

The most commonly purchased items are daily necessities such as clothes, shoes, and cosmetics, as well as agricultural products such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.

  Mr. Zheng traveled around most of Xi'an, but couldn't buy the crutches and cloth shoes he liked.

There are no specialty stores that sell crutches, and the auxiliary equipment store has not seen the desired styles. Later, I finally found a suitable product in the suburban building materials market, but the price is quite high. It turns out that there are few elderly products here, and the price naturally cannot be suppressed.

  Contrary to Auntie Liao, Mr. Zheng was not satisfied with the products he bought online.

For example, the urine collector is airtight, the seat material of the transfer device is hard and easy to microdermabrasion, and the online shopping prices of nursing beds are uneven.

He felt that it was too risky to buy online and go home.

  In addition, the complex operation of smart electronic products such as mobile phones and home appliances, the backward design of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and other instruments, and the lack of practicability have all become "stumbling blocks" for the consumption of elderly friends.

  Aged Products

  To balance professional and cost-effective

  In a senior product store in a shopping mall in Minhang District, Shanghai, the consumer group of elderly friends seems to be coming.

This store takes a professional route. There are moisturizing lotions suitable for elderly friends, pearl fiber underwear with sterilization and deodorization functions... The relevant person in charge introduced that the development of elderly products requires product innovation and professionalization.

For example, in the development of elderly shoes, there must be foot data support, and "micro-innovation" to meet the needs of elderly friends.

The second is to understand the consumption psychology of elderly friends, do a good job in the supply chain, and reduce the cost of products.

High cost performance is just a need, and enterprises must maintain quality and control costs.

  In the first supermarket specializing in elderly products in Shaanxi Province, it tries to sell a variety of elderly products in a centralized manner, so that elderly friends can make one-stop shopping.

There are elderly smart products area, elderly auxiliary equipment area, daily necessities area, etc.

The common magnifying glass and needle threader used to be difficult to find in the market. You can find them in this supermarket, and the products are affordable, with a wide variety of products and a good experience.

However, after the supermarket opened, the online and offline passenger flow was not good, because the location was not conspicuous, and at present, most elderly friends are not aware of the supermarket for elderly products, and some middle-aged and elderly friends are "half familiar" with smartphone operation. This leads to less online shopping mall transactions.

  The government supports the development of enterprises

  Market prospects are promising

  According to data released by iiMedia Research, from 2016 to 2020, the scale of China's silver-haired economic market continued to increase, reaching 5.4 trillion yuan in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 25.6%.

According to data from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, by the end of 2020, the number of people insured in the national basic pension insurance reached 999 million. The reform of the social security system is deepening, and the basic pension for retirees will continue to grow. Therefore, the "silver economy" has broad prospects.

  The "silver-haired economy" includes not only traditional physical consumption such as "clothing, food, housing, transportation, and use", but also consumption of long-term care and health management services, so how to help these consumption develop?

These elderly product markets require government support and preferential policies, as well as multi-level market development by enterprises.

  First of all, on the government side, in 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other three ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Action Plan for the Development of Smart and Healthy Elderly Care Industry (2021-2025)", proposing to enrich the supply of smart and healthy elderly care products and services.

On the basis of the existing pilot demonstrations, more than 100 demonstration enterprises will be cultivated for no less than 10 application scenarios.

In February 2022, the State Council issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for National Aging Development and Elderly Service System Plan", which clearly stated that it is necessary to develop and expand the elderly products industry.

  There are also some detailed measures across the country. Shanghai actively implements the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Elderly Products Industry". First, special policies guide and support the development of the rehabilitation assistive device industry, and vigorously develop high-end rehabilitation assistive devices such as rehabilitation robots; second It is to clarify the key research and development direction and improve the supply of clothing and apparel suitable for the elderly, such as the use of PLA fiber fabrics; the third is to support the promotion of smart and healthy elderly care applications.

  Undoubtedly, the government can provide relevant guidance and require enterprises to consider the pain points of elderly friends at the beginning of designing elderly products, and encourage enterprises and businesses to open more physical supermarkets for elderly products offline.

In response to the operating burden, the government should also open corresponding support and preferential policies, such as the government "pays the bill" for basic projects.

  In terms of enterprises, the pension industry is a good opportunity for development, and investment should take a long-term perspective.

The consumption characteristics of today's "new elderly groups" have gradually shifted from survival type to enjoyment type. Facing the diversified needs of elderly friends, enterprises should refine classification in development and design, strictly control quality, and classify according to the consumption power of elderly friends. , Multi-level development of the market.

In addition, through communities, social organizations, young children, etc., helping elderly friends to bridge the "digital divide" can help them enjoy the richness and convenience of online shopping.

  Text/Wang Min