Three major department stores' financial results for the year to February increased due to the reaction of the previous year when they were forced to take a large-scale closure due to the influence of the new corona, and two of the three companies made the final settlement. Profit and loss turned into the black.

Three major department stores announced by the 12th that the financial results for the year ending February are higher than the previous year in terms of total sales and operating revenue.

▽ J. Front Retailing, which operates Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store, 13%,

▽ Takashimaya increased by 11% for the entire group,

▽ Sogo & Seibu increased by 3%,

both increased.

This was a reaction to the large-scale closure of the previous year due to the influence of the new Corona, and the main reason was that the movement to refrain from going out was eased and sales of high-priced items such as watches and jewelry were strong. Is a factor.

As a result, the final profit and loss was

▽ Takashimaya's surplus of 5.3 billion yen and

▽ J. Front's surplus of 4.3 billion yen,

turning from the deficit of the previous year and securing the surplus for the first time in two years.

However, it did not reach the level three years before the spread of the infection, and the situation is still severe.

In addition, Sogo & Seibu had a deficit of 8.8 billion yen, which was the final deficit for the third consecutive year, although it improved from the previous year.

Tatsuya Yoshimoto, president of J. Front Retailing, said, "Sales were on a recovery trend last year, but the brakes have been applied in the sixth wave. Although the number of infected people has remained high, this year before the spread of infection I want to build a strong management base so that I can return to the standard. "