Enable more "smart" robots to empower more application scenarios

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  With the deepening of my country's population aging and the rise of labor costs, it has become an urgent reality for service robots to enter the service industry on a large scale, and the service robot industry has also ushered in a fast-track development.

While improving service experience, related enterprises are also constantly exploring new models and enriching new business formats, bringing more development opportunities for themselves.

  Walking into Beijing Orion Star Technology Co., Ltd. located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, it is not the front desk staff who greets the visitor, but a row of robots with different shapes. The robot "barista" is skillfully preparing cups of coffee for visitors to drink...

  Little is known that these robot "baristas" also "bringed a lot" at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  As the technology company with the most robots selected at the Beijing Winter Olympics, five robots in the Orion star robot family provide global guests with contactless services such as soliciting, delivering, preparing coffee, and making tea at the Winter Olympics. Good reviews.

  As the cost continues to drop and the degree of intelligence continues to improve, more and more robot products are entering the life scenes familiar to ordinary people, allowing more consumers to experience the convenient service experience brought by technology.

At the same time, a large number of emerging robotics companies are also booming.

  As a young technology company, Orion Star was selected as a talent evaluation agency in key fields of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2021, and at the same time passed the accreditation, becoming a member of the "specialized, special and new" enterprises in Beijing in 2021.

The reporter learned that in recent years, the company has insisted on investing more funds in research and development to improve its independent research and development capabilities.

  Add a sense of technology to the Winter Olympics

  Holding tea in one hand and a cup in the other, the skilled tea-making skills have attracted many athletes to "check in" and stop to watch the flowing tea-making skills after tasting the tea... During the Beijing Winter Olympics, robots can be seen everywhere for the Winter Olympic athletes and staff. It provides high-quality services, and the tea-cooking robot "Leopard Dabai" has attracted widespread attention. This robot is one of the five robots selected by Orion Star to serve the Winter Olympics.

  The reporter saw that the "Leopard Dabai" is composed of two six-axis cooperative robotic arms. The left and right robotic arms can start work at the same time, accurately perform various actions, and the tea-making process can be completed by itself.

These precise operations originate from the more than 3,000 hours of AI learning and 30,000 hours of dual-arm training by Orion R&D personnel, and are based on the “AI+software+hardware+service=robot” model proposed by the company and the full-chain AI technology.

  According to the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics Economic Legacy Report (2022)" released by the official website of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, 11 service robots from 7 companies were selected for the Winter Olympics this year. The Olympic Games provides contactless guarantee services, involving reception, translation, delivery and other services.

  Wang Ning, director of the government and enterprise business department of Orion Star, said that starting from 2019, the organizers of the competition have started to conduct practical application evaluation of the robots participating in the election. Every service robot entering the Winter Olympics has undergone strict screening and evaluation. With the addition of these robots, the participants have a new experience, which meets the needs of epidemic prevention and control, and adds a lot of sense of technology to this Winter Olympics.

  Make people work and life smarter

  At present, in addition to bringing novelty to the public, service robots are also beginning to show stronger practicality.

At the same time, the emergence of the epidemic has also made "contactless service" more and more common, and its application scenarios have gradually diversified, including service robots in many scenarios such as restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels.

  These robots can transform into front desk receptionists and handle visitor reception; they can also become administrative assistants and introduce company rules; they can even become financial advisors and answer reimbursement procedures.

The rich "functional attributes" of service robots have also made it obtain positive feedback and praise from customers.

  According to the "China Robot Industry Development Report", in 2021, the market size of my country's service robots is expected to be 30.26 billion yuan, and it is expected that by 2023, the market size is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan.

  In fact, since the establishment of the company in September 2016, Fu Sheng, chairman of Orion Star, has proposed the goal of creating a more "smarter" robot, and is committed to freeing people from repetitive work to engage in more creative work, allowing People's work and life are becoming smarter and more interesting.

  Today, the company is continuing to increase investment in research and development, injecting new vitality into technological innovation, and at the same time developing competitive products in line with the development trend of the industry.

  For example, in early 2020, in the face of a sudden epidemic, the company independently developed a temperature-measuring robot in just 15 days, playing a role in epidemic prevention and control; in a makeshift hospital in Jilin Province, the Orion Star delivery robot is replacing medical staff for delivery Items, medicines, meals, and tableware used by patients can also be recycled at designated locations.

  According to Wang Ning, the Orion Star Killing Robot adopts the principle of ultrasonic spray, can accommodate 15L of disinfectant, has a powerful ultra-dry fog disinfection mode, and covers an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters.

Through simple operations, the whole scene can be eliminated without dead ends, and personalized scene customization can also be carried out according to specific needs.

  Help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency

  "Starting from 2021, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to purchase service robots, and more and more capital has flocked to this industry, which indicates that the inflection point of the service robot industry has come." Fu Sheng said that with the population of our country With the continuous deepening of aging and the rise in labor costs, it has become an urgent reality for service robots to enter the service industry on a large scale, and the service robot industry has also ushered in a fast-track development.

  At present, from hotels to hospitals to the front desk of enterprises, more and more robot companies are improving their service experience while constantly exploring new models, enriching new business formats, and bringing more development opportunities for themselves.

  In Fu Sheng's view, service robots are transforming from a relationship-based market to a customer-based market or a product-based market.

Today, a large number of small and medium-sized merchants are willing to buy service robots, which shows that service robots can really help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency.

  The "14th Five-Year" Robot Industry Development Plan jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other 15 departments proposes that by 2025, my country will become the source of global robot technology innovation, high-end manufacturing agglomeration and a new highland for integrated applications, and the average annual growth rate of robot industry revenue. more than 20%.

  Industry experts believe that the robot industry has become one of the important paths to promote the development of the digital economy.

From the demand side, the service industry with increasingly high labor costs urgently needs to drive industrial transformation through technology application.

From the perspective of the supply side, with years of technology and product iteration, service robots have also ushered in new development opportunities. The upstream and downstream industries continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency, becoming one of the media for the transformation of traditional scenarios to digital.

  "If the past ten years are the technical reserve period for intelligent service robots, then the next ten years will be its golden development period." Fu Sheng believes that although China has made some achievements in the field of robots, it still has a big gap with the world level. Gap, R & D personnel are the most valuable wealth of technology-based enterprises, and their combat effectiveness also determines the competitiveness of enterprises.