Sufficient supply of meat, vegetables, rice, noodles and oil, stable and smooth price

  The Guangzhou supermarket platform makes efforts both online and offline to ensure that the people's daily necessities are continuously supplied, kept in stock, and not out of stock

  Yesterday, at the Dajiangyuan Meat Market in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, there was a sufficient supply of vegetables, and citizens bought vegetables in an orderly manner.

Photo by Chen Youzi, an all-media reporter of Guangzhou Daily

Yesterday, the supply of vegetables was sufficient, and the public bought vegetables in an orderly manner.

Photo by Chen Youzi, an all-media reporter of Guangzhou Daily

  From April 8 to 9, all 11 districts in Guangzhou have started nucleic acid testing for all employees.

Changes in the epidemic prevention and control situation have affected everyone's attention to the "vegetable baskets" and "rice bags" of daily necessities.

In this regard, Guangzhou's commercial system has launched a mechanism for ensuring the supply of daily necessities to ensure that the people's daily necessities are continuously supplied, kept on file, and not out of stock.

Yesterday, all media reporters from Guangzhou Daily visited supermarkets and farmers' markets in various districts and learned that there are sufficient supplies of living materials such as grain and oil, fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs and milk, and prices are stable.

Citizens purchased in an orderly manner, and expressed their confidence in the supply of materials.

  What is the current supply situation of Guangzhou's daily necessities market?

  At present, the market supply of eight categories of daily necessities in the city is generally stable. The city's average daily slaughtering volume of live pigs is 25,000, the daily supply of vegetables is more than 8,000 tons, and the social inventory of flour, edible oil, meat, aquatic products, sugar, salt, etc. Eight categories of daily necessities are adequately guaranteed, and online and offline multi-channel sales can meet the purchasing needs of the general public.

We call on the general public to buy rationally without panic.

  Ensure that important livelihood commodities are kept in stock and not empty shelves

  The Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission closely monitors the market supply, instructs supermarkets and farmers' markets to maintain normal operations, increase the supply, and replenish the supply in a timely manner to ensure that important commodities for people's livelihood are kept in stock and not empty.

Launched the city's Meituan Select, Hema Xiansheng and other e-commerce platforms, and arranged more than 3,000 material sorters, drivers, express riders, etc. to speed up the distribution and emergency distribution of living materials, and strive to deliver goods to citizens as quickly as possible.

  Fight against behaviors such as price gouging and hoarding.

  The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision issued a warning to quickly investigate and deal with price violations such as price gouging and hoarding in accordance with the law to ensure that the prices of medical supplies, medicines for epidemic prevention and control, as well as meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, grain and oil and other important livelihood commodities closely related to people's lives are stable. , to maintain market price order.

  How to do a good job in ensuring the supply of daily necessities for the people in the closed and controlled areas?

  The implementation of classified and graded prevention and control will inevitably bring some inconvenience to some citizens.

To this end, Guangzhou's commercial system has launched an emergency guarantee mechanism in accordance with the mature guarantee model of "1+1+2+N". A social sales platform cooperates and exerts efforts from five aspects to ensure that the people's daily necessities are continuously supplied, kept on file, and not out of stock.

  Set up "one-to-one" counterpart contacts for special groups

  Taking special groups such as the elderly, young, sick, and disabled as the key objects of care, the on-site headquarters of each block and control area will organize volunteers, party members and the masses to distribute to households for special groups.

Relevant districts will set up "one-to-one" counterpart contacts and service hotlines, and designate special personnel to provide services.

  Prepare goods and strengthen distribution with 5 times the average daily supply in the protection area

  The special class for the protection of living materials in the control area of ​​Baiyun District prepares goods and strengthens supply and distribution with 5 times the average daily supply. The area retains the original supermarkets, convenience stores and other daily necessities outlets for business, advocates online shopping for residents, and advocates contactless delivery.

  The existing supermarkets, fresh food stores, farmers' markets and other outlets in the Yuexiu District control area are open for normal business.

Combining the characteristics of inconvenient movement of people in the sealing and control area, for the daily necessities and materials distributed to the citizens, the three-level logistics nodes of "material supply point, sealing and control bayonet location, and consumption terminal" are distinguished, and seamless docking delivery is implemented. A temporary storage point is set up at the bayonet location, and it is delivered to the buyer through "contactless delivery".

  Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporters Xiao Guilai, Geng Xujing, Dong Yeheng, He Ruiqi, Liao Jingwen, Wu Duo, He Zuanying, Xu Jing, Chen Junsheng, Liu Chunlin, Xu Wenwen, Shen Hui, He Yingsi correspondents Hua Xuan, Li Xuan, Lin Ling, Luo Ruixian , Pan Jing, Lai Qingyi) Shayuan Market in Haizhu District is one of the largest farmers' markets in Guangzhou.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the Shayuan Market and saw that there were staff at the entrance who strictly enforced mobile phone scanning and code verification to enter the venue.

The number of citizens who came to purchase on Saturdays increased significantly compared with previous weekends. The interviewed citizens said that they felt that the price of meat and vegetables did not fluctuate significantly.

The reporter walked around the market, and there were abundant supplies of vegetables, seafood, poultry, fruits, agricultural and sideline products, etc.

The public procurement order is good, and there are broadcasts in the market to remind the supply of sufficient and rational procurement.

According to the market staff, the supply will be continuously replenished from the beginning of the morning, and the supply will be increased according to the needs of the public, please rest assured.

  Yesterday afternoon, at Liedexin Market, a large meat market located in Zhujiang New Town, a market stall owner reported that the supply of pigs, beef, fruits and seafood was normal, and the sales of vegetables were relatively large at noon. Normal supply.

  Shuangsha Comprehensive Market is a large comprehensive farmers market in the old Huangpu area. It is very lively from morning to night. The reporter was on the scene. There are green vegetables at a price of 6 yuan/catties and cheap fruits and vegetables at a price of 3 yuan/catties. .

The owner of the meat stall has a very good business. "The price of pork is very stable. Everyone is a neighbor. I sell vegetables here every day, and I talk about integrity."

  In the RT-Mart Supermarket on Licheng Street, Zengcheng District, all kinds of goods are neatly arranged, dazzling, and in sufficient supply.

"The supermarket has a complete range of goods and abundant reserves, which can fully meet the shopping needs of the citizens." Manager Guo of RT-Mart Supermarket said that at present, the daily stock of fresh goods in the supermarket is sufficient. There will be no shortage of supplies, etc.

In the past two days, there has been no significant increase in the number of passengers in the supermarket, and there has been no looting of supplies.

  In Yonghui Supermarket in Nansha Wanda Plaza, there are dozens of varieties of green leafy vegetables in the supermarket. There are many kinds of fruits on the shelves, and meat and seafood products are also quite abundant. Some citizens are in a hurry. Pick your favorite vegetables and fruits.

According to the relevant person in charge of Yonghui Supermarket in Wanda Plaza, as of 13:00 yesterday, Yonghui Supermarket had a passenger flow of 3,375 people, which was flat compared with the same period of time. The supply of materials was sufficient and the replenishment chain was smooth.

  Steady the "vegetable basket" and "rice bag"

  According to the estimates of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Conghua District, the district will supply about 630 tons of vegetables, about 130 tons of fruits, about 410 pigs, about 20,000 poultry, about 85 tons of eggs, about 23 tons of aquatic products, and about 23 tons of dairy products. 50 tons.

At the same time, the Conghua Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau coordinated and organized relevant member units to take strong measures to ensure the effective supply of meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, fish and other agricultural products.

  Huadu District monitors the supply situation of key retailers in 18 districts and monitors them every two hours. At present, the supply is sufficient and no rush for goods has been found.

Huadu District Science, Technology, Industry, Commerce and Information Technology Bureau timely arranges staff to inspect the supply situation, increase inventory reserves, contact district security supply companies, and make emergency records.

  Liwan District has launched a mechanism for ensuring the supply of daily necessities and materials, making every effort to ensure that the market supply will not be out of stock and keep stalling.

The major wholesale markets, farmers' markets, and large supermarkets in the region are strengthening the connection between production and sales, arranging special personnel to regularly check inventory, and increase the number of stockpiles by 3 to 5 times the daily volume to meet the consumption needs of the people in the region.

  The relevant person in charge of the Zengcheng District Bureau of Science, Industry and Commerce said that Zengcheng District, the town level and key large supermarkets, group meal units, agricultural bases and other units have signed supply guarantee agreements.

At the same time, it monitors the supply and price fluctuations of livelihood commodities in 13 meat and vegetable markets and 5 large supermarkets on a daily basis, and makes timely judgments.

The government of Zengcheng District has reserved 75,000 tons of grain and oil. In case of emergency, it can guarantee the food supply of the people in the whole district around the clock. Please rest assured.

  The Huangpu District Bureau of Commerce closely tracks the supply of meat, eggs, oil, vegetables and other living necessities from the eight major merchants in the district.

8 teams are dispatched to track the real-time supply of major supermarkets point-to-point. If there is a suspected out of stock, it will immediately urge them to allocate more resources through the headquarters to reduce the structural problems in the supply of living materials caused by stocking.

  The relevant person in charge of the domestic trade group of the Nansha District Bureau of Commerce told reporters that they have communicated with online grocery shopping platforms such as, Meituan, Tianhui, and Aunt Qian, and the warehouses and riders of each platform will maintain efficient and orderly operation. , Nansha citizens can safely shop online on these platforms.

The bureau will urge supermarkets to pay close attention to the order situation on the online platform, replenish materials in time to facilitate consumers to purchase goods, and meet the diverse needs of residents.

  Investigate and punish all kinds of price violations in accordance with the law

  Panyu District Market Supervision Bureau continues to carry out special price inspections to protect the "price" of citizens' living consumption.

The Panyu District Market Supervision Bureau established an emergency duty team to dynamically inspect key places such as farmers markets, pharmacies, and restaurants. A total of 82 law enforcement officers were dispatched, 377 business entities were inspected, and price warnings were sent through various methods such as on-site distribution and WeChat groups. Nearly 500 letters have been issued, and the overall price order in the market is in good order. No price violations such as fabrication, dissemination of price increase information, or price gouging have been found.

  Tianhe District Market Supervision Bureau stated that Tianhe District will focus on strengthening the price inspection and supervision of daily necessities such as meat, poultry, eggs, vegetable oil, etc., as well as epidemic prevention materials, and strengthen the publicity and warning of policies and regulations.

  The Huangpu District Market Supervision Bureau focuses on monitoring the supply and price of the market and major supermarkets, so that residents can buy with confidence.

Price monitoring of important livelihood commodities and anti-epidemic materials will be carried out, and the monitoring situation will be reported on a daily basis.

  Tianhe District pays close attention to the online and offline market prices of agricultural and sideline products such as grains, oils, meat, poultry, eggs, vegetables, milk, and anti-epidemic materials, which are widely consumed. According to the requirements of the Municipal Price Supervision Office, the Tianhe District’s meat and vegetables are uploaded on the “Price Picking Mini Program” every day. Market commodity prices, grasp price trends in a timely manner, and strengthen price monitoring and analysis and early warning.

  Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporters Xu Xiaofang, Wen Jing, Zhao Fangyuan) Yesterday, offline supermarkets such as Guangbai Supermarket, Walmart, Guangzhou Friendship and other offline supermarkets blew the "Assembly Number" for stable price and supply, and went all out to ensure Guangzhou's People's livelihood commodity supply.

All major stores in the urban area of ​​Guangzhou are launched online and offline to ensure that the supply of key livelihood commodities is five times as much as usual, and logistics and distribution operate 24 hours a day. Among them, fresh products are continuously sent to each store for an unlimited number of times throughout the day, ensuring that store products are Sufficient supply and stable prices.

  Yesterday morning, many citizens came to Dongshan Department Store to purchase food and daily necessities.

"We have confidence in the supply and reserve of goods." Dai Chongye, manager of the business department of Dongshan Department Store, told reporters that they have recently organized stockpiling of livelihood commodities such as rice, oil and noodles, so the inventory supply is relatively sufficient.

  Guangbai Beijing Road Store Guangbai Supermarket also has about double the number of customers on weekends, mainly buying rice, oil, pork, vegetables, seasonings, frozen buns and other commodities.

The relevant person in charge of Guangbai Supermarket said, "The purchasing department has increased the inventory by 3 times the usual volume to ensure the supply is in place." It is reported that Friendship Supermarket is also strengthening stocking, fresh food and meat, vegetables, eggs, milk, etc., according to The daily supply is 5 times the preparation stock, and the stock of daily necessities such as grain, oil, rice, water, condiments, and personal epidemic prevention materials has been in stock for more than 3 months.

Walmart said it will double the stock of vegetables and meat.

Rice, noodles and oil currently have sufficient reserves in Guangzhou stores.

  Sufficient supply of meat and vegetables in the farmers' market in the prevention area

  Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the Jinshazhou Convenience Comprehensive Market in Baiyun District, which is located in the prevention area, that many citizens came to purchase, and the venue scanned the code to measure the temperature in an orderly manner, and there was sufficient supply of various meat dishes.

The reporter visited some booths and learned that the price of garlic is 6.5 yuan/catties, cabbage is 12 yuan/catties, lettuce is 5 yuan/catties, cucumber is 6.5 yuan/catties, Qingyuan chicken is 17 yuan/catties, Wenchang chicken is 18 yuan/catties. The price of eggs is roughly 8.5-12 yuan per catty.

  The reporter visited a fresh food store in Jinshazhou, Baiyun District, Lazy Foods. In the morning, the supply of vegetables was sufficient. The vegetable area was estimated at around 2 pm, and various fruits and soy products were still on sale.

"There are significantly more neighbors who come to buy food this morning. The store will stock up on time at 5:30 tomorrow. Neighbors don't need to worry, there is sufficient supply at present." The clerk of Lazy Foods told reporters.

  In order to prevent citizens from "grabbing vegetables", many supermarkets, including Carrefour, actively organized the supply of goods and increased purchases through multiple channels. Among them, the order volume of vegetables increased by 5 times compared with the same period, and the order volume of meat and eggs increased by 3 times. The supply pressure has been greatly relieved; at the same time, the store has increased the frequency of replenishment, from the usual 2 times a day to 4 times or even more, and used practical actions to convey the message of "no need to stockpile enough food" to the public.

  Many fresh food and grocery shopping platforms step up replenishment to increase delivery capacity

  Yesterday, the reporter learned from a number of online platforms such as fresh food and grocery shopping that in the face of increased orders for vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, milk, rice, oil, grain, etc., as well as daily necessities, the platform has stepped up stocking to improve distribution efficiency. .

  As of yesterday evening, Ali Taocai, Guangzhou warehouse materials totaled about 300 tons of meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and about 800 tons of rice, flour, grain and oil, and the average daily operating capacity more than doubled rapidly.

  Hema Guangzhou said that since the evening of April 8, the number of orders in Guangzhou has increased compared with usual, and Hema is actively deploying, replenishing and delivering goods in a timely manner.

At present, the source of all kinds of livelihood commodities is sufficient, and most of the fresh meat, poultry, eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits are daily products, which will be delivered from the place of origin and warehouse to the store shelves every day. order quantity.

  Jingdong Qixian said that emergency deployment will be made according to the logistics capacity and supply of goods reserved in the early stage.

In terms of supply of goods, the stocking volume of civilian materials has been increased to 2-3 times the usual amount, and the supply of goods in the store is currently sufficient.

In terms of transportation capacity, we urgently increased the number of delivery personnel by 3 times.

  Major online grocery shopping platforms have indicated that they have stepped up replenishment.

The reporter was informed that in response to the epidemic situation, the stocking situation of Dingdong's key civilian materials for grocery shopping is more than twice that of the past, and the stocking of some sites is more than three times.

On April 9, 450,000 pieces of replenishment have been added, and the base has been contacted to increase the allocation.

For aquatic products, vegetables and fruits, meat, poultry and eggs, and other categories, and then increase the amount.

The delivery guy has increased to 520 people to guarantee the capacity.

  Meituan Shopping said, "On the evening of April 8, the order volume was urgently increased, and the surrounding areas included rice, noodles, oil, frozen meat, vegetables and fruits that are easy to store and other just-needed items. On the morning of the 9th, the warehouse was basically in place. The number of orders in the epidemic-controlled areas Compared with the previous increase, the demand for orders has increased by more than 200%, and the most obvious increase in livelihood products such as vegetables, meat, rice, flour, grain and oil."

It is understood that the platform will increase the delivery vehicles and delivery frequency, and replenish the scarce commodities immediately.

  "In the past week, consumers in Guangzhou have seen a significant increase in their daily needs such as online grocery shopping, and the supply of livelihood commodities such as rice, noodles, grains, oils, fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry and eggs on the platform has increased by 120% month-on-month." The staff of Duoduomaicai Guangzhou District said that in response to the order volume Due to the surge in the situation, Duoduocai has maintained efficient operation of nearly 50 grid warehouse sites in the urban area of ​​Guangzhou recently, and has fully guaranteed the delivery of orders by dispatching additional staff and increasing transportation capacity.

Duoduomaicai said that at present, the stock of fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, rice, flour, grain and oil on the platform is more than twice the normal amount, and will continue to do a good job in the organization of supply sources, warehouse distribution capacity, sorting and distribution and other related work to ensure sufficient supply and prices. smooth.

  The takeaway platform starts contactless delivery and can use smart cabinets to pick up meals

  Meituan Takeaway has launched a contactless and safe delivery service in Guangzhou. During the delivery process, riders agree to a designated area in advance for meal delivery to further reduce contact.

In addition, the platform has successively installed take-out smart dining cabinets in some core office buildings, apartments and residences in the central urban area of ​​Guangzhou.

"The platform will organize a volunteer service delivery team to make every effort to ensure the normal operation of residents' lives." said the relevant person in charge of Meituan Food Delivery in Guangzhou.

At present, Guangzhou's business lines have entered a state of full preparation, actively coordinating and managing rider capacity, and ensuring that citizens can use takeaway services without leaving home.

At the same time, citizens are advised to give priority to "contactless delivery" to order meals. In areas covered by smart cabinets, they can give priority to smart cabinets to receive meals to reduce contact.

  One-click order to collect at the guarantee point the next day

  Guangzhou Daily News (all media reporter Zeng Fanying) Last night, the reporter learned that Guangzhou Restaurant immediately contacted the sealing and control area after undertaking the security task, quickly organized the delivery and coordinated personnel and vehicles, and put the quick-frozen food, pre-made dishes, Foods such as preserved meat and cakes were sent to the closed control area to help solve the problem of purchasing living materials for the surrounding residents.

The two new emergency supply points for living supplies (Guangbaixin City Guarantee Point and Xinshi Zongheng Bincheng Guarantee Point) have been put into operation, and the two newly established emergency supply points for food, oil, rice, etc. , noodles, canned food, biscuits, water, vegetables, frozen dumplings, buns and other materials about 5 tons, protective equipment, disinfectant, daily necessities and other commodities are all in place, serving more than 100,000 residents in the control area.

At the same time, with the help of its own online platform, the "8-character convenience store micro-mall emergency supply store" is set up to scan the code and one-click to place an order independently, and to pick it up at the guaranteed supply point the next day. Through contactless consumption, it can seamlessly connect with the community. family.