Airports Council International: For the eighth year in a row

Dubai International ranks first in the world in the number of international travelers during 2021

The annual report issued by the Airports Council International showed that Dubai International Airport retained, during 2021, the first place in the world's busiest international airports, for the eighth year in a row, in terms of the number of international passengers.

The aviation sector usually focuses on (international travelers) mainly while measuring the performance of air transport hubs, as they are the most influential in the movement of international trade and tourism, and they are the criterion that indicates the extent to which an airport is connected to the outside world.

"International Passengers"

According to the report, which monitors the performance of the main axes of air transport and passenger traffic around the world, Dubai International Airport received 29.1 million passengers during 2021, compared to about 25.9 million passengers in 2020, an increase of more than three million passengers, and a growth rate of 12.7%.

"Dubai International" topped the list of the world's busiest airports in "international passenger traffic", with a difference of about 2.7 million passengers, compared to "Istanbul International Airport", which came second and handled about 26.4 million passengers, while "Amsterdam Airport" came in third place. About 25.4 million passengers.

Frankfurt and Paris international airports ranked fourth and fifth, with 22.7 and 22.6 million passengers each, respectively.

total movement

In terms of total passenger traffic, which includes "international and domestic passengers", "Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport" retained the first place, recording 75.7 million passengers, followed by "Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport" with 62.5 million passengers, and "Denver International Airport", which scored 58.8 million passengers.

Passengers around the world

The Airports Council estimated the total number of passengers around the world in 2021 at about 4.5 billion passengers, which represents an increase of about 25% from 2020, but it is less by about 50% compared to the results of 2019, noting at the same time that the indicators for the year 2021 show Encouraging signs of a recovery in traffic.

The board revealed that passenger traffic at the 10 busiest airports, which collectively represents nearly 10% of global traffic (463 million passengers) recorded a gain of 51.8% from 2020, but it is still 29.1% lower compared to the results of 2019.

recovery direction

The council stated that the global passenger traffic rankings indicate an encouraging trend towards recovery, with most of the busiest airports before the “Covid 19” pandemic returning to the top again, and it is expected that the momentum resulting from the reopening of destinations by countries will contribute to an increase in travel traffic in half. 2nd of 2022.

Air Freight

And the Airports Council International indicated that air cargo volumes, which were least affected by the “Covid-19” pandemic, recorded a growth of 15% on an annual basis compared to 2020, to reach a record number estimated at 124 million metric tons in 2021.

Air freight volumes at the 10 largest airports, which collectively represent about 25% (31.5 million metric tons) of cargo volume globally in 2021, increased by 12.1% in 2021 on an annual basis, (and by 15% compared to the results of 2019), pointing out that The gains could be attributed to the continued increase in demand for consumer goods and pharmaceutical products.

Seating capacity

Dubai International, according to OAG International, a provider of airport and airline data, maintains its first position as the largest international airport in scheduled seat capacity on international flights.

55.1 million passengers

Preliminary expectations, according to Dubai Airports, indicate that annual passenger traffic at Dubai International Airport will reach 55.1 million passengers by the end of 2022.

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