China News Service, Hangzhou, April 10 (Zhang Yuhuan) The reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Leading Group Office for Epidemic Prevention and Control on the 9th that the province will issue an electronic version of the epidemic prevention pass for container trucks (hereinafter referred to as trucks) entering and leaving the port, as Zhejiang Province. Proof of road access and port entry operations, smooth port logistics chain.

  Zhejiang is a major foreign trade province in China.

Last year, the province's foreign trade import and export volume jumped to the third place in China, and Ningbo Zhoushan Port ranked first in the world in terms of cargo throughput for 13 consecutive years.

Recently, the epidemic situation in Zhejiang has been severe and complicated. The passage of container transportation vehicles has been restricted, and the capacity has dropped significantly. The logistics chain of coastal ports such as Ningbo Zhoushan Port has been blocked, and the port's throughput capacity cannot be effectively utilized.

  In order to achieve epidemic prevention and control and ensure smooth logistics, Zhejiang officials require that Zhejiang Haigang Group should implement the main responsibility of the enterprise and conduct strict screening of trucks entering and leaving the port.

If the truck driver has 2 negative nucleic acid tests in the past 3 days, has not been to a medium-high risk area within 14 days, and has a green "health code", the Zhejiang Haigang Group will issue an electronic version of the "Haigang Group Epidemic Prevention Pass" (hereinafter referred to as the "Haigang Group Epidemic Prevention Pass") to the truck. Collection truck pass), which is valid throughout Zhejiang Province as a certificate for road access and port entry operations.

  Zhejiang officials have made it clear that Zhejiang Haigang Group fulfills the main responsibility of the enterprise for epidemic prevention and control for drivers holding truck passes, and is responsible for supervising truck drivers to conduct nucleic acid testing, installation and real-time activation of the truck satellite positioning system; at the same time, do It is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the pass issuance system, and supervises the "health code", itinerary card, nucleic acid test results, etc. of truck drivers on a daily basis.

  Zhejiang also requires the establishment of a blacklist system for truck drivers, including drivers who have changed their "health codes" to yellow or red codes, failed to undergo nucleic acid testing as required, did not wear protective equipment, or deliberately concealed their itineraries. management, promptly terminate the use of the truck pass for the vehicle, and shall not allow the vehicle to enter the port area.