Honda, an automobile manufacturer, announced that it will cut production at its plant in Mie Prefecture this month due to the disruption of logistics in Shanghai, China, where the infection of the new corona continues to spread, and the procurement of parts has been delayed.

Domestic factories have been shut down one after another at other manufacturers, and the impact on automobile production is beginning to appear.

According to the announcement, Honda will reduce production by about 30% from the plan this month at Suzuka Works in Mie Prefecture, which produces SUV = multipurpose sports cars and mini cars.

The production of Saitama Works in Saitama Prefecture will also be reduced by about 10%.

The main reason for this is that logistics have been disrupted in Shanghai, China, where strict restrictions on going out continue due to the spread of the new corona infection, and procurement of parts from the local area has been delayed.

In addition, Russia's military invasion of Ukraine has disrupted logistics, hindering the procurement of parts from Europe.

In addition, among Japanese automakers, Mitsubishi Motors will suspend operations at its factory in Aichi Prefecture for five days from the 11th of this month, and Mazda and Daihatsu will also suspend operations at some domestic factories this month.

All of them cite the delay in parts procurement from Shanghai, China, and the impact on automobile production is beginning to appear.