Pay attention to energy saving and water saving for household appliances, speed up energy-saving renovation of old residential areas, and realize large-scale development of green buildings

Make residential consumption greener (Consumption Window·New Observation on Green Consumption⑤)

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  Buy energy-saving and water-saving home appliances and environmentally friendly decoration materials, reasonably control indoor temperature and brightness, and promote the use of renewable energy such as biomass and solar energy... Nowadays, moderate simplicity, green and low carbon have become the new fashion, and the concept of green living is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. .

  Energy-saving products are more popular

  Not only home appliances, consumers also pay more attention to environmental protection in the decoration process

  "The reason why I chose this washing machine is because it can save water and electricity." Li Huan, a post-90s consumer who was buying home appliances for a new house in a home appliance store in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, said recently.

In her view, "green energy saving" is an important consideration when purchasing home appliances.

Washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, TV sets, the whole set of home appliances Li Huan purchased are green and energy-saving products.

  The "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments in January proposed to actively promote green residential consumption, and called for "promoting the large-scale development of green buildings and low-carbon buildings, incorporating energy conservation and environmental protection requirements into the renovation of old communities" and "developing vigorously." Green Home Improvement" and "encourage the use of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving and environmentally friendly stoves, water-saving toilets and other energy-saving and water-saving products".

  Li Huan said that the concept of green consumption is being valued by more and more young people, and friends around them will pay more attention to product features such as energy saving, environmental protection and greenness when purchasing products.

Take the washing machine she purchased as an example. By detecting the weight and water temperature of the clothes, the product can optimize the washing time and water level, and realize "intelligent washing", so as to achieve the effect of saving water and electricity.

"Saving money is only one aspect, the key is to reduce unnecessary waste." Li Huan said.

  To encourage the consumption of green and energy-saving home appliances, some localities have taken practical measures.

In February 2019, Beijing launched a three-year energy-saving and emission-reduction policy to promote consumption. Eligible consumers who purchase 15 types of energy-saving and emission-reduction products such as TVs, refrigerators, and washing machines in energy-saving and emission-reduction commodity sales companies can get a single A subsidy of up to 800 yuan.

The sales amount of green home appliances that Beijing has participated in energy-saving subsidies has exceeded 6.5 billion yuan, the sales volume of energy-saving green home appliances has exceeded 1.49 million units, and the subsidy amount has exceeded 700 million yuan.

  Not only home appliances, but many consumers also pay more attention to environmental protection during the decoration process and choose green home improvement services.

"We use products with higher environmental protection grades for all our decoration materials. Although we spend a little more money, we are at ease." Cai Tao, a resident of Jinan City, Shandong Province, said, "I have been buying decoration materials for a new house recently, and my wife and I both I believe that the decoration is not necessarily luxurious, but simplicity, practicality and environmental protection are the most important things.”

  "In recent years, consumers' home improvement needs have clearly tended to be quality and green." The person in charge of Shell Home Improvement said that the introduction of environmental protection and green concepts from the decoration management link, low-carbon construction, and green decoration have been welcomed by more and more consumers.

For example, the energy-saving lamp board design is adopted to automatically complete the switching of lights through human body movement recognition and light intensity data, thereby achieving green energy saving.

  In daily life, consumers are gradually developing the habit of environmental protection and energy saving.

"In summer, the temperature of the air conditioner is adjusted to 26 degrees Celsius, the lights are turned off when going out, and the faucet is turned off after washing hands... These sons, who usually follow the second grade of elementary school, have repeatedly emphasized that let him develop good habits from an early age." Cai Tao said.

  Green buildings are suitable for business and living

  Reduce energy consumption during building construction and use, improve energy efficiency of new buildings, and improve living experience

  The sunshade louver adjusts the angle according to the intensity of sunlight and climatic conditions, the recycling device converts rainwater into green water through settlement, the small roof garden improves the local microclimate, and the smart operation center conducts integrated management of the energy consumption of large buildings in real time... In Suining, Sichuan Province On the streets of the city, more and more buildings are adopting environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies.

  The so-called green building refers to the low energy consumption and environment-friendly building in the whole life cycle.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Suining Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau, in 2021, the Suining Municipal Government will issue the Action Plan for Promoting the Creation of Green Buildings in Suining City, clarifying the creation goals, main tasks, division of labor, and safeguard measures, and improving the quality of residential buildings with high standards.

In 2021, the city's urban green building area will be about 2.8577 million square meters, and urban green buildings will account for 70% of new buildings.

  In recent years, my country has actively promoted the transformation of buildings into "green" and achieved building energy efficiency.

According to industry experts, promoting green buildings and reducing energy consumption during construction and use will improve people's living experience.

A perfect green building will have more natural ventilation and more natural lighting. The introduction of natural wind and natural light will reduce the secondary energy consumption of the building. For example, it can reduce the phenomenon of closing the curtains and turning on the lights during the day. It can also reduce the frequency of use of air conditioners.

  The "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption" proposes to actively promote green residential consumption.

Suining City fully implements the 65% energy-saving design standard for residential buildings, and plans to achieve 75% of the green building area in new urban buildings by the end of 2022.

At the same time, the application of prefabricated construction methods will be fully promoted, and by the end of 2025, buildings with an assembly rate of more than 50% will account for 40% of new buildings.

  The relevant person in charge of the Suining Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau said that in recent years, Suining City has adhered to the priority of ecology, and has made the city more suitable for business and living by promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, protecting green water and green mountains, and creating a "green Suining".

  "Combining with our local construction experience, we must start from the aspects of land planning and space utilization, energy efficiency improvement of new buildings, renovation of existing buildings, renewable energy development, and low-carbon rural development to comprehensively promote green residential consumption." According to the drawings, the relevant person in charge of the Suining Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau said that the city will strive to renovate 426 old communities in new cities and towns this year, and simultaneously promote the addition of elevators in old communities.

Continue to carry out the creation of "green communities", and strive for more than 60% of the city's urban communities to participate in the creation actions and meet the creation requirements. In 2022, the city will create more than 20 provincial-level green communities.

  Speeding up renovation of old communities

  From community greening to building energy conservation, from rainwater collection to garbage classification, the renovation of old communities is done in details

  Walking into the Langgou Power Plant Community, Shuangshan Street, Zhangqiu District, Jinan City, the new-looking walls come into view, and the clean and tidy environment makes people feel refreshed.

  "The community has completely changed its appearance now." Speaking of the changes in the community, the resident Uncle Li's happiness was beyond words.

In the past, because the community has been built for more than 30 years, the walls have been in disrepair. In winter, because the walls are not well insulated, the heating temperature cannot come up.

Last year, Zhangqiu District implemented energy-saving and environmental protection renovation. In the heating season that just passed, Uncle Li's house was much warmer.

  "Our house used to be troubled when it rained, but after the renovation, I finally stopped worrying." Ms. Wu, a resident of Jinxiuhuayuan Community, Mingshui Street, Zhangqiu District, also felt the happiness brought by the energy-saving and environmental protection renovation of the community.

Ms. Wu has lived on the top floor for more than 10 years. In previous years, during the rainy season, the water leakage in the house was serious.

Last year, the district carried out energy-saving and environmental protection renovation, which not only solved the problem of water leakage in the house, but also made it more comfortable to be indoors in summer.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Jinan Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau, in order to improve the living quality of the masses and promote the energy saving and carbon reduction of existing buildings, Jinan City actively promotes the special renovation of existing buildings for energy conservation, and has issued a series of policy documents to provide a relatively complete solution for building energy conservation renovation work. Policy support and technical guidance.

In the past 10 years, Jinan City has completed a total of about 33.66 million square meters of energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings, benefiting about 400,000 residents.

After the energy-saving renovation, energy consumption can be effectively saved during the heating season, and the living quality of the masses has been significantly improved.

  In the process of renovation of old residential areas in Zhangqiu District, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the key words.

Since last year, Zhangqiu District has renovated 56 old communities with problems such as water leakage and cold penetration, with an area of ​​346,900 square meters, benefiting 3,680 households.

  The relevant person in charge of Jinan Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau said that Jinan City regards the development of green buildings and prefabricated buildings as a key task to promote the high-quality development of green buildings.

At present, 13 products of 7 enterprises in Jinan City have obtained the three-star green building materials certification, and they have been promoted and used in the project.

In terms of the application of renewable energy in buildings, Jinan City has issued policy requirements for the implementation of integrated solar energy building design and construction for high-rise buildings below 100 meters.

  Experts believe that now both the government and consumers have realized the importance of green environmental protection to the quality of life.

For the community, from community greening to building energy conservation, from rainwater collection to garbage classification, from new energy street lights to automatic irrigation equipment, "greening" still needs to pay more attention to details, so as to better meet people's green living consumption. demand, and drive the better development of green consumption.