Spending falls, central ministries lead the way

  Recently, the central department budget for 2022 was released, and 102 central departments (units) including the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Natural Resources released "clear accounts".

What are the new changes in the "ledger" of each department?

How is the central department's "taking the lead to live a tight life" reflected in the departmental budget?

  The departmental budget disclosed by the central departments in 2022 includes the departmental revenue and expenditure summary, departmental revenue summary, departmental expenditure summary, fiscal appropriation income and expenditure summary, general public budget expenditure table, general public budget basic expenditure table, and government fund budget expenditure. 9 statements, including the state-owned capital operation budget expenditure table, the financial appropriation budget "three public" expenditure table, etc., comprehensively and truly reflect the overall situation of the department's revenue and expenditure and the revenue and expenditure of financial appropriation.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance, while publicizing the above-mentioned budget statements, various departments also report changes in budget revenue and expenditure, budget arrangements for agency operations, “three public” funds, government procurement, occupation of state-owned assets, budget performance management, and submission to the National People’s Congress. Items to be reviewed, etc. are explained, and more professional terms are explained.

In order to enable the public to find, understand, and supervise, the budgets of each department will be displayed on the "Central Budget and Final Accounts Public Platform" established by the Ministry of Finance's portal, in addition to publicizing the department's website.

  The 2022 fiscal budget report requires that the central departments take the lead in living a tight life, focus on ensuring rigid expenditures and urgently needed expenditures, strictly control general expenditures, strengthen the budget management of "three public" funds, and strive to reduce administrative operating costs.

This time, when the central government released the budget, it continued to publicly implement the requirements for reducing expenditures due to tight living conditions.

The data shows that all 102 central departments have explained the implementation of tight living conditions and spending cuts.

For example, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission reduced general public service expenditure by 5 million yuan, a decrease of 33.3%.

According to the 2022 fiscal budget report, in 2022, after deducting the central defense and armed police expenditures, the payment of interest payments for national debt issuance, and the expenditures for reserves, the expenditures of central departments will decrease by 2.1%.

On the basis of strictly controlling the expenditure of central departments for many years, we will continue to reduce the expenditure of non-rigid and non-key projects. At the same time, we will make every effort to meet the needs of departments to perform their duties, and education and science and technology will not be included in the scope of reduction.

  In terms of "three public" funds, the central government will arrange a budget of 5.3 billion yuan for "three public" funds at the central level in 2022, a decrease of 59 million yuan or 1.1% from the same caliber in 2021.

Among them, the cost of going abroad for business (border) was 664 million yuan, a decrease of 11 million yuan; the purchase and operation cost of official vehicles was 4.361 billion yuan (including the purchase cost of 826 million yuan and the operation cost of 3.535 billion yuan), a decrease of 40 million yuan; official reception. The cost was 275 million yuan, a decrease of 80 million yuan.

  This year, the central departments continued to explain the projects submitted to the National People's Congress for deliberation when releasing the budget.

The disclosed project content includes project overview, project basis, implementation subject, implementation plan, implementation cycle, annual budget arrangement, performance goals, etc.

"Promoting the disclosure of project expenditure budgets is conducive to urging various departments to improve budget preparation, optimize expenditure structure, and improve the efficiency of capital use." The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance said.

  In budget performance management, there has been a significant increase in the number of disclosures of project expenditure performance targets.

This year, when organizing the central departments to disclose budgets, the number of public expenditure performance targets for general public budgets, government fund budgets and state-owned capital operating budget projects has been greatly increased.

For central departments that submit items for deliberation to the National People's Congress, the text of the items submitted for deliberation must also be made public at the same time.

Among the 102 central departments, 82 departments disclosed the project texts of 131 projects, an increase of 27 projects over the previous year; 100 departments disclosed the performance targets of 727 projects, an increase of 599 projects over the previous year.

  Wang Wenzheng