The area covered by the "Prefectural Citizens' Discount," a measure to stimulate tourism demand that allows you to receive discounts on travel prices, will be expanded from the 1st.

Due to the spring tourism season, the travel industry is looking forward to it.

The "Prefectural Discount", which allows you to receive coupons that can be used to discount travel prices and purchase souvenirs, was targeted for travel to the prefectures in which you live or to neighboring prefectures. If you divide it into regions and the prefectures in the region agree, you can support travel within the region.

Hokkaido and Tohoku 6 prefectures,

▽ Kanto 1 prefecture 6 prefectures and Yamanashi prefecture,

▽ Chubu, Hokuriku Shinetsu 9 prefectures,

▽ Kansai 2 prefectures 4 prefectures,

▽ China, Shikoku 9 prefectures,

▽ Kyushu 7 prefectures It is divided into 6 areas,

prefecture and Okinawa prefecture, and

if the prefectures in the area agree, they will be eligible for support.

To receive the discount, you will need three doses of the new corona vaccine or a negative test test.

However, at the governor's discretion, if you are in the prefecture where your travel destination lives, you can get a discount even with two vaccinations.

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, from the 1st, tourists who live in Hokkaido and the expanded area of ​​14 prefectures will be eligible for the prefectural discount.

With the expansion of the target area, the travel industry is expecting a recovery in demand.

Of these, at a travel agency that plans bus tours in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, the number of reservations has tripled from the same period last year since the priority measures such as spread prevention were lifted on March 21. am.

Until now, the focus was on day trips, but we anticipate that demand for accommodation will increase due to the expansion of support targets, and we will also focus on PR such as tours that allow consecutive nights at hot spring inns.

Takao Matsumura, General Manager of the Domestic Travel Department of the travel agency "Club Tourism", said, "Since local accommodation facilities have very high expectations, we will work on infection control measures while planning and disseminating tours without losing demand. I want to work on it. "