On March 29, the new energy pure electric cruise ship "Three Gorges 1" successfully made its maiden voyage at Zigui New Port, the first dam of the Three Gorges Dam.

At the inaugural voyage ceremony, tourists took the "Three Gorges 1" experience boat over the "Three Gorges Ship Lift", enjoyed the magnificent scenery of "Gaoxia Pinghu", and felt the technological intelligence of electric cruise ships.

  The pure electric cruise ship "Three Gorges 1" is a high-tech ship scientific research demonstration project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, and a pilot project of the Ministry of Transport to strengthen the country. The total investment of the cruise ship is 150 million yuan. 1300 people.

The ship is equipped with a total of 15 independent battery packs, with a total power of about 7,500 kWh, equivalent to the sum of the battery capacity of more than 100 electric vehicles.

  The cruise ship will achieve "zero noise, zero pollution, zero emission" operation. Through cooperation with State Grid and Yangtze Power, it will be charged with clean water and electricity. Compared with traditional power ships, it can replace 530 tons of fuel oil and reduce the emission of various harmful gases by 1,660 tons. , to help Yichang build a world famous tourist city, build a clean energy capital, and serve the green and high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

(Dong Xiaobin Zhou Xingliang produced Dong Xiaobin)

Responsible editor: [Cheng Chunyu]