The lack of labor in intelligent manufacturing is prominent, and the popularity of the Internet industry continues——

Strong demand for talents from large enterprises in spring recruitment season

  Our reporter Ao Rong

  To achieve the employment task of "more than 11 million new urban jobs this year, and the urban surveyed unemployment rate to be controlled within 5.5% throughout the year", the spring recruitment is the key time point.

At present, the spring recruitment has entered the golden period.

What are the characteristics of this year's spring recruiting?

Where is the "stepping stone" to enter the workplace?

 Recruitment information for manufacturing and other industries is abundant

  Since March 14th, 111 online special events have been held in the 2022 joint recruitment of college graduates in large and medium cities.

After sorting out the recruitment information released during the period, the reporter found that there are relatively abundant job information in the fields of manufacturing, energy, Internet, medicine and health, civil construction and so on.

  Comparing the 100 occupations with "most job shortage" released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in the fourth quarter of 2021, it can be found that the shortage of engineering in the manufacturing industry, especially in the field of intelligent manufacturing, is relatively prominent, and 43 occupations in the field of manufacturing are subject to employment. Unit favors.

  According to data released by Zhaopin, the recruitment demand in the first month after the Spring Festival in 2022 increased slightly year-on-year, and the number of recruited positions increased by 1.1% compared with the first month after the Spring Festival in 2021.

On the whole, the production and operation of enterprises in the spring recruitment market this year are running smoothly, and the talent recruitment performance is stable.

The recruitment demand of large enterprises maintained a strong upward trend. The number of positions recruited by companies with 1,000 to 9,999 employees increased by 6.5% year-on-year, and the increase in companies with more than 10,000 employees was as high as 23.4%.

  For young employment groups including college graduates, how to capture suitable job information in the massive recruitment information?

  Chen Rui, a post-95 graduate, told reporters that she is more concerned about the future development potential of the industry than the working environment and salary.

  Zhao Jiaqiang, a national star-rated career instructor, said that in the spring recruitment stage, public employment service agencies, for-profit human resource service agencies and enterprises will have a large number of job postings. Job seekers should try to avoid the "slow" and "chaotic" brought about by "picking eyes". "Two traps.

"Slow" means delaying in making decisions, leading to slow employment; "chaotic" means blindly sending resumes, reducing the probability of successful employment.

  "Job seekers should have a clear understanding of their career interests and professional values, and also have an in-depth understanding of the actual career environment, treatment, and required professional ability of the intended position. Only by doing homework in these two areas can it be possible to do Make a correct judgment, choose a more suitable position, and improve the stability of employment." Zhao Jiaqiang suggested.

 The siphon effect is obvious in the Chengdu-Chongqing area

  It is worth noting that many job seekers regard the Internet as their first stop in the workplace.

Among the industries in which Internet leavers sent their resumes this year, technology category accounted for 30.1%, product operation category accounted for 18.8%, and sales business category accounted for 9.5%.

The top three positions with the largest recruitment volume in Internet companies are technology, sales business and product operation, and the demand and supply basically match.

  In terms of salary, the increased competition has not lowered the salary expectations of Internet workers.

Since the spring recruitment, the average salary in the Internet industry has been 18,500 yuan, an increase of 7.5% over the same period last year, higher than the 6.9% increase last year.

Compared with the same period last year, the average salary of the Internet industry has increased by 18.7% since the beginning of 2022, and the industry's investment cost for high-quality talents has maintained a positive growth.

  Xu Dandan, founder and CEO of Lagou Recruitment, said that the accelerated change of the Internet industry in 2022 will also bring about innovations in talent strategies.

As the industry talent strategy shifts from scale priority to quality priority, those senior talents who have been tested and left behind will become an increasingly scarce resource in the Internet industry.

  For job seekers, the current Internet industry is no longer limited to Internet companies, and various industries and companies are committed to deepening online business.

The supply and demand of Internet talents can be regarded as a weather vane of the recruitment market to a certain extent, and at the same time, it is also placed on high hopes for employment expansion.

  From a geographical point of view, the characteristics of talent flow in the spring of 2022 have been verified in the Internet industry.

According to the recruitment data of Lagou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are the five cities with the highest concentration of Internet talents, but the number of positions has been reduced. On the contrary, the number of Internet talent recruitment in Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu and other cities has increased.

  The reason why these cities are favored is because in recent years, cities in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Chengdu-Chongqing regions have continuously increased their efforts to attract talents in terms of talent settlement, salary treatment, and supporting guarantees, and the talent siphon effect is obvious. , job postings have grown rapidly.

  The appeal of these cities extends to multiple industries.

Luo Jinglin, a Ph.D. from Xi'an Jiaotong University, will go to Foshan City, Guangdong Province in 2020 to enter the post-doctoral research station of the Research Institute of Guangzhou University of Technology.

"The Pearl River Delta, especially Foshan's strong industrial base, production capacity and related facilities, coupled with the perfect talent policy, gave me the opportunity to give full play to my professional and technical capabilities and realize my ideals." Luo Jinglin said.

 Focus on groups with employment difficulties

  How difficult is it to find a job?

The survey found that for fresh graduates and job seekers who have worked for less than one year, the difficulties encountered in job hunting are mainly concentrated in "lack of relevant internship experience or work experience", especially when economic development is increasingly dependent on technology. Young job seekers do not match market demand.

Because of the lack of practical experience, they are more worried about their lack of experience and professional skills for the desired position than their salary expectations.

  How to bridge the gap between less work experience and high job requirements.

Recently, at the first-quarter employment situation analysis meeting held by the Society of Labor Economics, relevant experts proposed that in 2022, the employment priority strategy will actively promote stability, and fiscal and financial policies will focus on employment, and ensure market entities. employment.

Therefore, young job seekers should always pay attention to the various measures provided by the government and the talent market, and learn to use their strengths to find jobs.

  Where is the "stepping stone" to enter the workplace?

Recently, 10 departments, including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, launched the Millions of Employment Trainee Jobs Recruitment Program to provide young people with job opportunities.

  The reporter logged on the registration website and found that there are columns for state-owned enterprises, famous manufacturing enterprises, and large Internet companies. Job seekers can learn more about trainee policies, handling channels, and handling procedures.

  In response to the challenges of total employment pressure and uncertain factors this year, Li Qiang, Executive Vice President of Zhaopin Recruitment, said that we can strengthen the management of job market expectations, increase the supply of public service positions, improve the flexible employment guarantee mechanism, increase vocational skills training, and strengthen key points. Measures have been taken in six aspects, including the support system for crowd employment and guiding the healthy and orderly flow of talents.

  Li Qiang suggested: "Compared with macro data, government departments should pay more attention to local employment pressures, especially those with employment difficulties. For key groups such as college students, middle-aged and elderly people, and women, increase policy inclination. By increasing the new economy that college students are interested in Job supply, training to improve the professional skills of middle-aged and elderly people, and promotion of gender equality in the workplace will improve the employment status of key groups."

  Industry experts suggest that when necessary, state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and public institutions should be encouraged to reasonably increase the supply of jobs, especially labor-intensive jobs. Health assessors and other positions, and by continuously attracting more social capital into the fields of smart medical care, community management, health care industry, etc., to form a sustainable employment growth mechanism.