Recently, in Nanjing's Xuanwu Lake Scenic Spot, late cherry blossoms such as tulip cherry, Guanshan cherry, and Songyue cherry blossomed quietly under the "Sakura Rain". The dark or light green petals are very special, which is in sharp contrast with the surrounding pink cherry blossoms.

  At present, there are two varieties of green cherry: tulip cherry and Yuyi yellow. Among them, the tulip cherry will change with the blooming time, and the petals will also change color.

According to Rong Feixia, director of the Nanjing Xuanwu Lake Park Management Office, when the green cherry blossoms first bloom, the petals are very green, and when they bloom later, the petals will gradually become lighter in color, turning into yellow-green, and the color will be more transparent.

  (Rong Feixia Changcheng Ge Yong)

Responsible editor: [Cheng Chunyu]