Take multiple measures to implement "old age" (Jintai Vision·Focus on Healthy Aging ②)

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  Integrate the concept of active aging and healthy aging into the whole process of economic and social development

  Promote the social participation of the elderly, expand the supply of educational resources for the elderly, improve the quality of cultural and sports services for the elderly, and encourage the elderly to continue to play their roles

  With economic and social development and the deepening of population aging, the elderly have higher requirements for old-age life.

Recently, this newspaper has received a number of letters from readers, reflecting that the elderly want to continue to participate in social life in addition to their basic living needs.

  How to make the life of the elderly more colorful, and implement the old learning, the old and the joy?

reporters interviewed.

  There is a shortage of places for elderly activities around some communities, and the idle places are not used reasonably. The elderly activities need to be fully integrated into the community

  "There are many elderly people in our community, but there are no indoor places for the elderly to relax and entertain. On sunny days, everyone can chat and exercise in the pocket park. When it rains, they can only stay at home." Fuzhou City, Fujian Province Mr. Chen from Qinting Lakeside Community in Jin'an District left a message on People's Daily Online's "Leadership Message Board" saying that the elderly activity center built in the community has not been opened for use, and the good activity place has become a warehouse for stacking debris. The elderly activity venues can be fully utilized, and we are willing to decorate and participate in the construction together.”

  The lack of activity venues and the urgent need to build related facilities. Many elderly people have encountered similar problems.

A letter from Mr. Zhu, a reader from Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, reflected that the surrounding communities lacked activity places for the elderly. "There are actually idle sites in the community, but there is no unified plan. They either pile up sundries or use them for other purposes. I have mentioned to the community property. It was suggested, but the management kept pushing it away, and the related facilities just couldn’t be built.”

  Due to the lack of special venues and supporting facilities, some elderly people can only find a venue for activities, but they did not expect to affect the lives of surrounding residents and cause discord in the neighborhood.

He Wei, a resident of Maoming City, Guangdong Province, reported that he had been troubled by the noise of square dancing in his community for many years. Residents are overwhelmed."

Mr. Li, a netizen in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, said that the morning exercises of the elderly in the community were loud and lasted for a long time. Some people exercised from 6:00 a.m. to noon.

The community property company has coordinated many times, but because it is a public area, the problem of disturbing residents has not been properly resolved.

  "Elderly people should have their own interests in life, but they should also be careful not to affect the normal life of other residents." Lin Chenxi, a reader in Baiyin City, Gansu Province, said that in the basketball court of the community, there are often elderly people playing musical instruments, singing opera, singing, etc. The children can only hold the basketball in a hurry. "It is recommended to provide suitable activity places for the elderly to meet their needs and create a more harmonious and friendly neighborhood relationship."

  Xie Lili, director of the Department of Social Work and Social Policy at Renmin University of China, said that many old communities lack supporting facilities for the activities of the elderly. It is suggested to meet the leisure and entertainment needs of the elderly as much as possible on the existing basis through planning, renovation and utilization of open space. It is well suited to the home care model.

  The management and regulation of colleges for the elderly need to be strengthened urgently, and the elderly are still limited by objective conditions to exert their residual heat in society

  Universities for the elderly and training classes for the elderly are important places for the elderly to socialize, learn, and develop their hobbies. However, some readers reported that the curriculum, personnel management and related publicity of the elderly universities in some places still need to be strengthened and improved. It is recommended to strengthen the work. Personnel service awareness, better serve the elderly, and build a university for the elderly that the masses are satisfied with.

  Ms. Luo, a reader from Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, said that she studied in an elderly university for many years before moving, and after moving, she wanted to find a local elderly university to continue her studies, "However, the nearest elderly university offers not many courses and the teaching quality is not good enough. , there is still a gap compared with the old university I often attend. There is no way, I have to take the bus for more than an hour every time to go back to the original old university to continue my studies, which is very inconvenient.”

  Some readers believe that older training programs and courses need to be further standardized.

Ms. Cheng, a reader from Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, reported that she had signed up for a dance class at an elderly university. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, the class could not be started normally. She repeatedly asked for a refund of the tuition fee but could not get an answer. The whole process lasted for more than a year, which annoyed her very much. .

Reader Guo Wei signed up for a ballet class at an elderly university in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. During the class, he changed teachers and changed the class address many times. "This caused me a lot of trouble. I offered to refund the registration fee, but the school kept delaying. Do not do it."

  In recent years, more and more elderly people are "unwilling to accept their old age" and have started volunteering.

Wu Xiaolong, a reader in Shanghai, said that the elderly understand the needs of the elderly better. There are often elderly people in the community who set up a booth to provide volunteer services for everyone free of charge.

"However, there are not many elderly people willing to be volunteers at present. We are also actively calling on the elderly in the community, hoping that everyone can participate." Wu Xiaolong said.

  There are also many elderly people who hope to give full play to their residual heat and find a job within their ability.

However, in the job search process, the age limit has become a threshold that the elderly cannot easily cross.

In this regard, some readers suggested that the age limit for some positions that the elderly can hold should be moderately relaxed.

"Older workers in fields such as architectural design, medical care, agricultural technology, and handicrafts often have rich working experience. Complete retirement makes their experience and skills useless, which is also a loss. In fact, they can retire forever. Let them give full play to their residual heat, do a good job of inheritance, and bring the old to the new." Zhao Qin, a netizen in Heze City, Shandong Province, said that workshops and other forms can be used to open the door for the elderly to re-employ and increase their re-employment opportunities.

  Use various forms, rich activities, and effective incentives to help improve the enthusiasm of the elderly to participate in society

  The "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening Aging Work in the New Era" proposes to integrate the concept of active aging and the concept of healthy aging into the entire process of economic and social development.

The "Opinions" specifically propose to promote the social participation of the elderly, expand the supply of education resources for the elderly, improve the quality of cultural and sports services for the elderly, and encourage the elderly to continue to play their roles.

With the deepening of the aging of the population, the desire of the elderly to participate in social life in my country has gradually increased.

  Education is a demand that the elderly pay more and more attention to. However, at present, the elderly education service system has not yet been formed, and the application of remote informatization in elderly education is not high, and the service ability is not strong, resulting in a serious shortage of elderly education resources.

In response to this problem, some universities for the elderly continue to innovate and actively provide better services for the elderly.

The Open University of China focuses on expanding the supply of education resources for the elderly. At present, it has established provincial-level open universities for the elderly or specialized institutions in 30 branches, and has established more than 40,000 elderly education learning points at the grass-roots level. With the advantage of the system, it has initially established the elderly education. school system.

  According to the person in charge, the Open University of China has built a multi-terminal learning environment for senior learners, such as learning websites, APPs, senior channels, etc., to provide learners with integrated online and offline learning support and services.

Giving full play to the advantages of online resources can break through the limitations of venues, allow more elderly people to participate, and effectively improve the supply capacity and level of elderly education resources.

  Zhang Xiumei is a student at an elderly university in Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Province.

She said: "The University for the Elderly has allowed me to meet new friends, connect with old friends, and become healthier physically and mentally. The school moved to a new campus last year and introduced intelligent equipment, and everyone is very interested." The school adopts a point management system. Students can obtain points by participating in various activities, and after reaching a certain number of points, they can enjoy preferential course selection, health examination and other services according to regulations.

"Participating in voluntary activities can get corresponding points, effectively mobilizing everyone's enthusiasm, and everyone's enthusiasm for learning is higher." Zhang Xiumei said.

  In order to promote the elderly to participate in social activities and volunteer services, some localities have implemented a policy of rewarding points in exchange for the elderly to actively participate.

Zhou Zude, a reader in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, said that some places have set up "time banks" for elderly care services, which include purchasing and purchasing, chatting, cleaning, electrical maintenance, free clinics, etc. The elderly can not only participate in the development of community elderly care, but also It can also accumulate service time for the future. "In this way, we can continue to expand the volunteer service team for the elderly and attract more elderly people to participate in volunteer activities."

  Xie Lili said that helping the elderly to find employment needs to start from system design, enterprise management, personal awareness and other aspects, make full use of relevant systems to encourage the elderly to re-employ, and improve the social identity of the elderly entering the labor market.

Scientifically develop the human resources of the elderly, make use of flexible employment forms, provide necessary support and guarantees, support the young elderly to continue their employment, and develop employment methods suitable for the young and elderly, so that they can use their residual heat.

  More incentives are needed to advance older people’s participation in volunteering.

"The current group of elderly is also changing. In the past, traditional security patrols, community maintenance and other work may no longer attract the participation of the current elderly. It is necessary to develop volunteer service projects that are more suitable for them in a timely manner, and explore more diversified elderly-oriented services. The types of volunteer services can improve the enthusiasm of the elderly to participate in society." Xie Lili said.

  (Zhang Ruidan participated in the writing)

  Our reporter Xiang Zifeng