China News Service, Qinghai Mangya, March 27 (Reporter Li Jiangning) On the 27th, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism that in recent years, Qilian County, Qinghai Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture has actively utilized the advantages of cultural tourism integration resources, rural tourism Development has achieved remarkable results.

The county's tourism practitioners account for more than 20% of the local population's employment. The upstream and downstream extension of the rural tourism industry has driven more than 12,000 people to find employment, and a rural tourism development pattern with various forms and modes has initially formed, which has become a rural revitalization. New "tipping point".

  The county uses the core scenic spot of Zhuoer Mountain to drive the development of rural tourism, hotels, restaurants, farms and animal husbandry, and the scenic spot radiates the surrounding villages and communities. It adopts methods and strategies such as tourism poverty alleviation and able people to lead the way, and promotes the development of farmhouses, special catering and special tourism. Commodities and other tourism forms, there are nearly 40 farmhouses and specialty catering, providing more than 300 jobs for the county. Every year, nearly 10,000 farmers in the surrounding villages directly or indirectly engage in tourism services, and there are three large parking lots in the scenic area. Set up 120 poverty alleviation booths for poor households, and farmers who are engaged in the sale of local specialties can earn 20,000 to 40,000 yuan in peak season, effectively driving poor households to increase their income and become rich.

  In addition, the county promoted the strategy of "tourism +" and "+tourism", and achieved new results in rural revitalization and development.

By promoting the "tourism +" strategy, the implementation of the integrated development of tourism, culture and sports, agriculture and animal husbandry and other industries will promote the formation of new cultural tourism products and new formats.

  According to reports, the county has made great efforts to develop cultural tourism products with the help of Qilian's rich agricultural and animal husbandry resources, packaging and promoting yak Tibetan mutton and dairy products, deer musk deer series, highland barley series, Qilian jade, yellow mushroom, cordyceps and other special cultural tourism products.

At the same time, “nomadic experience” projects such as horse riding and archery have been developed along National Highway 227, Eqi and Huangjia Highway, forming a sustainable development road combining animal husbandry and tourism.