[Explanation] Right now is the golden period of spring recruitment. Not long ago, a company released a "blind box position", which caused heated discussions. The recruitment information shows that this position is for job seekers who want to join the company but do not know what position they are suitable for. Resumes are not divided into job categories, and the company will help job seekers choose suitable positions.

In addition, job recruitment in the name of "Metaverse" is also becoming more and more popular... "New terms" and "new gameplay" under "Cloud Recruitment" are emerging one after another. What do the public think about this?

  [Concurrent] Mr. Xu, a citizen of Beijing

  In terms of position, I may not personally try to do this kind of position, because I will not directly participate in positions that I am not familiar with.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Qian, a citizen of Beijing

  If Guan Peisheng will still be a little clear about which field, this is acceptable.

But if you don't know what the future job is at all, this is still unreliable.

  [Concurrent] Mr. Yang, a citizen of Beijing

  It is very good for the development direction of job search to conform to the trend of the times, but I think we all have to write in detail. These details are of great concern to our job seekers.

  [Explanation] In this regard, legal experts said that the blind box position claims to be "flexible and changeable" and "help job seekers discover potential unopened opportunities", catering to some job seekers who do not have a clear career plan and have no clear goals and positioning for their jobs. .

But in fact, the blind box post setting is suspected of illegal, and the risk is not small.

  [Concurrent] Guo Xiaoming, lawyer of Shanghai Zhonglian (Chengdu) Law Firm

  Article 8 of the Labor Contract Law clearly stipulates that when an employer recruits a laborer, it shall truthfully inform the laborer of the work content, working conditions, work location, occupational hazards, safe production conditions, labor remuneration, and other information that the laborer requires to know.

After a job seeker accepts a blind box position, he may be at risk due to unclear job content and responsibilities. For example, a suitable position cannot be determined through job adjustment, and the employer may terminate the labor contract as "incompetent for the job", and the job seeker cannot. Compensation and compensation; wages and rights to rest and vacation are not guaranteed, etc.

  [Explanation] For job recruitment in the name of "Metaverse", we must also be wary of some companies using high salaries as a gimmick to "get the heat", and the job gimmick is greater than the substance.

  [Concurrent] Guo Xiaoming, lawyer of Shanghai Zhonglian (Chengdu) Law Firm

  Since the "metaverse" is a brand new concept and field, there are many recruitments based on this as a gimmick. If job seekers blindly pursue it, they may be far from their expectations, and may even be called "metaverse" in the name of Hiring and actually engaging in other jobs leads to unclear rights and responsibilities, and damage to their own rights and interests. Job seekers should also prevent criminals from taking the opportunity to defraud.

  [Explanation] Guo Xiaoming said that with the popularization of "cloud recruitment", employers should be more honest and trustworthy when publishing recruitment information, and recruitment platforms should also fulfill their platform obligations and conduct formal review and real-time dynamic supervision of recruitment information released by employers. Take timely measures to deal with complaints and reports received from users.

In addition, job seekers should also be vigilant and beware of falling into the "cloud trap".

  [Concurrent] Guo Xiaoming, lawyer of Shanghai Zhonglian (Chengdu) Law Firm

  As a job seeker, when applying for a job, you should choose a suitable unit and position based on your own career planning, interests, specialties, etc., and be vigilant about some job information with high salaries, favorable treatment or even unreasonable job information, and verify and confirm more. Conduct background checks on prospective employers.

If your own rights and interests are infringed during the job search or after joining the job, you can protect your rights through legal channels and report it to the labor inspection department, or through arbitration or litigation.

  Reporter Cheng Yu reports from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Li Yuxin]