Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance have clarified the key tasks of grain production and a package of support policies in 2022, requiring all localities to go all out to ensure a bumper harvest of summer grain and wheat, do everything possible to expand soybean oil crops, and keep an eye on the stable price and supply of agricultural materials. We will continue to do a good job in agricultural disaster prevention, reduction and relief, stabilize the fundamentals of agriculture, and provide strong support for promoting stable and healthy economic and social development.

  The two departments require that all localities should further improve their political positions, fully implement the shared responsibility of the party and the government for food security, strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen investment guarantees, pay attention to publicity and guidance, speed up the payment of funds, strengthen performance management, and fully grasp all kinds of support. The implementation of the policy will make every effort to ensure a bumper harvest of grain throughout the year.

  Produced by: Guangmingwang Science Popularization Division

  Producer: Zhan Zhao

  Planning: Song Yajuan

  Produced by: Tu Ziyi

  Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

  Image source: Bright Pictures, Visual China

  Photographer: Wu Zheng