What you just heard will apply to people who own one house as of June 1 of this year.

So let's get a little more specific about how your property taxes and health insurance premiums change.

Reporter Han Sang-woo explains.

<Reporter> The

key is that single-family homeowners who own a house under KRW 1.1 billion at the published price in 2021 will pay the same tax as last year.

98% of all homes fall into this category.

The section that benefits the most from this measure is the case in which the published price was below KRW 1.1 billion last year and then rose to more this year.

To give an example, an apartment in Seoul had an official price of about 1.1 billion won last year, but this year it exceeded 1.2 billion won.

Since it is subject to taxation of more than KRW 1.1 billion, originally, we had to pay 4,265,000 won in tax by adding the tax to the property tax. decreases over.

Last year's published price of 900 million won was 2.05 million won, and 500 million won was 728,000 won.

Even single-family homeowners with more than KRW 1.1 billion do not experience an increase in tax burden as house prices rise.

The published price of 84 square meters of Banpo Xi in Gangnam, Seoul has risen by 350 million won in one year.

If it were the same, the tax would be 24 million won, but because the property tax part is frozen, it will be reduced to 17 million won, which is close to 7 million won.

In addition, people over the age of 60 with a salary of 70 million won or less can pay the estate tax later.

Another important thing is that, as the published price is frozen, local health insurance premiums do not rise.

In some ways, the tangible effect can be greater than the once-a-year property tax. Based on the person who owned a house with an official price of 600 million won last year, from September this year, the health insurance premium will be calculated by subtracting 50 million won from the calculation. Rather, it will decrease from 17,000 won to 139,000 won.

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Q. Appealing to the public?

[Reporter Han Sang-woo: Did the real estate policy have a big impact during the last presidential election?

But isn't there another big election left?

June local elections.

Before the local elections, especially in the metropolitan area, there were a lot of complaints about why they keep asking me to pay a lot of taxes when I don't raise house prices and I don't own multiple houses, especially in the metropolitan area.

So, it is understood that the countermeasures were taken today in a way that did not conflict with the policy fundamentals of the past while resolving such complaints a little.]

Q. Exceptions for multi-family dwellings?

[Reporter Han Sang-woo: Yes.

Multi-family homeowners are obliged to pay both property tax and estate tax at the published price.

That is why this time, the tax will increase by about 330 billion won compared to last year.]

Q. How will it affect house prices?

[Reporter Han Sang-woo: The general consensus is that there will be no big impact on house prices because multi-homeowners do not put for sale and the sale is locked.

Now I have to sell my house because of the tax burden, so I have to pay several dozen times more than that due to the heavy transfer tax, so this time I will just pay the tax as it rises and watch the new government policy.] There are a lot of people like this.]

Q. Discussion with the transition committee ?

[Reporter Han Sang-woo: Before the announcement of this policy, I informed the transition committee of the details, but it is known that the transition committee just knew and did not participate significantly.]

Q. Will the new government change?

[Reporter Han Sang-woo: Yes.

President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol has already said several times that the announced price will be changed to two years before the house price rises significantly, and he said that he would defer the transfer tax, which is heavily taxed on multi-family dwellers, for two years.

Now, when discussing this in the National Assembly, I think this part will be greatly emphasized, and although the Democrats have some differences in details, there are parts that they agree on in a broad frame, so I think we should watch the changing keynote.]

(Video coverage: Kim Min-cheol, video Edit: Lee Seung-yeol)