"We have an IT team to ensure that the network is not blocked. There are staff in the housekeeping department who stare at one room and watch the baby do homework. Human resources are responsible for checking the progress of the work, the catering team is responsible for regular feeding, and the security team is responsible for safety isolation. Finished. The homework and the guest service team pulled the baby out to do the exercises..." The brain-opening joke in the circle of friends turned out to be true!

In the past two days, many stores in Nanjing have launched single-day or multi-day "too baby packages", with prices ranging from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan.

Will parents pay for this new service?

Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporters conducted investigative interviews.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Wang Ying

  ●Market research

  The "Towa Package" room is cosy

  On March 16, the circle of friends was swiped by the posters of "Towa Package" from major star-rated hotels. Packages range from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan for a single day or multiple days.

The reporter learned that the daytime trust room price of Jiangsu Chenmao New Century Hotel is 268 yuan/room/day (including 1 nutritious lunch and dinner), and 488 yuan/room/day including accommodation (including 1 nutritious lunch and dinner, 3 buffet breakfasts).

The slightly more expensive is Suning Zhongshan International Golf Hotel, with a single-day hosting package (8:00-18:00) 788 yuan, and a five-day hosting package 2999 yuan.

The reporter learned that the "Towa Package" service of various hotels not only includes accommodation, supervision, study and writing, but also many value-added services.

For example, Nanjing Zijin Villa also presented a water golf program (including 50 balls), and Suning Zhongshan International Golf Hotel presented afternoon fruit snacks and a golf club driving range experience (50 balls).

  The reporter visited Jiangsu Chenmao New Century Hotel on the spot. There is a special children's room here. The pillows and quilt covers are very kawaii, and even the towels and toothbrushes are very cute.

There is a special desk in the room for online classes, as well as milk snacks, etc. The room feels very warm.

  ●Parent feedback

  Attractive, outdoor activities are a plus

  "It's very tempting. It's just a few days to take a vacation. If you can find a few good students to form a group to sign up, or the hotel can take care of the pick-up and drop-off, it will be even better." Parent Ms. Wang said that online classes are too expensive, and the most worrying thing now is It is the eyes of my son who have been nearsighted.

Think about how good it feels to be able to play a few shots on a golf course with fresh air and green grass. Outdoor activities can help protect your eyesight.

  Ms. Bai, the parent of a second-year junior high school student, said in an interview that the hotel hosting service is a very novel approach. If the hotel is close to home and the price is relatively high, it will be considered.

"It would be better if there could be a special person to supervise and supervise. Extracurricular activities like golf are also a plus, which allows children to combine work and rest without feeling boring at home." Parent Mr. Zhu said that if the price can be more affordable, All right!

  ●The original intention of the hotel

  This is an innovative business idea

  "The city of Nanjing announced the closure of primary and secondary schools the night before yesterday, and many parents were anxious and distressed about this." Ding Hui, general manager of Jiangsu Chenmao New Century Hotel, told reporters, "We also held an emergency meeting, and various departments discussed together and launched the Such a plan. During the epidemic period, the hotel industry has been greatly affected, and this is also a method of innovative operation.”

  Some parents are worried, is it safe to stay in a hotel under the epidemic?

Mr. Ding said that the hotel's epidemic prevention is very strict. From the moment you enter the hotel door, a special person will check all health codes and itinerary codes. All hotel rooms must be disinfected every day, and public areas will be disinfected no less than three times a day.

It is understood that the hotel sales department has received a lot of inquiries yesterday morning.

  ●Expert opinion

  Yin Fei, vice-chairman of the Jiangsu Family Education Research Association and Ph.D. of the Institute of Moral Education of Nanjing Normal University, said that the "Torwa Package" makes up for the inadequacy of the current home-school-social coordination mechanism.

"In addition, we should advocate 'family mutual assistance', where schools, communities, and families mobilize all forces to help each other through difficult times."