The US stock exchange operator Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has joined a coalition of counterparties that exclude Russian debt securities from bond indices.

This is a consequence of the far-reaching economic and financial sanctions imposed after the attack on Ukraine.

In addition, ICE will no longer accept commercial papers from Russia's ally Belarus.

Debt from both countries will be removed from the indices at the end of this month at a price of zero, the company, which operates the New York Stock Exchange, among other things, announced on Friday evening.

Other providers of stock market indexes such as JP Morgan Chase and S&P Dow Jones, MSCI and Bloomberg have already excluded Russian and Belarusian stocks.

The announcements followed a drying up of market liquidity for all Russia-related securities after the United States and European countries imposed sanctions on Russia.

ICE said it will depend on future laws and regulations as well as consultations within the company before the securities are included in indices again.

"These changes have been made in accordance with the letter and spirit of the sanctions and the rules and regulations that govern our business," the statement said.