At present, a strong "national style fever" is surging in my country's variety shows and various evening parties.

From the broadcast of "National Treasures" and "China in Classics", to the release of "Tang Palace Night Banquet" and "Only Blue and Green", to the popularity of cultural and creative archaeological blind boxes, the excellent traditional Chinese culture has won wide audiences. Recognition and love have become a "switch" and a new "traffic password" that triggers the highlight moment of the screen.

  How to make good use of excellent traditional culture creatively and develop it innovatively is a proposition of the times that must be answered.

Traditional culture "lives" in the present, and the words and deeds, production and life of Chinese people all have traces and shadows of traditional culture.

The "national style fever" in the above-mentioned entertainment programs and activities is undoubtedly a successful exploration and practice, and has positive inspiration and value.

  There are at least three reasons for the "national wind fever": attracting young people to make cultural relics "tide", restoring historical scenes to make cultural relics "live", and using new technologies to make cultural relics "move".

"Tide" means "young state", "live" means "realism", and "movement" means "interactivity".

Creativity in production and innovation in expression are the outstanding features of these excellent cultural products.

The enthusiastic "surrounding" and immersive and vivid experience of the audience not only awakens historical memory, but also produces cultural identity and emotional resonance.

  How to develop and use more carriers and scenes to spread excellent traditional culture, and how to attract more young people to join in the innovative dissemination of excellent traditional culture?

Renewing concepts and thinking, with an open and positive attitude, and discovering content and methods that are in line with the times from tradition, is the path to election.

The focus should also keep up with the times, be close to the public, and enter into life.

With the help of the power of the Internet, the use of market-oriented means, the digital economy express, through literature, animation, film and television, music, games and other creative forms, let the excellent traditional culture enter modern life, moisturizing things into the homes of ordinary people silently, by the public. Especially when it is accepted and disseminated by young people, it will continue to go from "breaking the circle" to "out of the circle", from "living" to "rising", so as to complete the effective dialogue between tradition and modernity, and the organic integration of culture and reality.

  The youth group is not only the chasers of the "national style fever", but also the main force of the inheritance of the "national style".

Contemporary young people not only obtain intellectual nutrients, spiritual strength and aesthetic ability from excellent traditional culture, but also consciously undertake the important task of relaying and promoting excellent traditional culture.

When the excellent traditional culture benefits more young people, is loved by more and more young people and spreads consciously, the blood of Chinese culture will be endless and passed down from generation to generation.

(Mao Mu)