Over 1 trillion yuan!

In accordance with the spirit of the 2021 Central Economic Work Conference and the deployment of the 2022 government work report, the People's Bank of China will hand over the total profit balance to the central government in accordance with the law this year to exceed 1 trillion yuan to enhance the available financial resources.

This profit from the operating income of foreign exchange reserves in the past few years will neither increase the burden of taxation or economic entities, nor increase the fiscal deficit. It reflects the coordination and linkage of monetary policy and fiscal policy, and jointly exerts efforts to stabilize the macroeconomic market.

  "All parties must focus on implementing these major policies and requirements, refine and implement specific measures, and form a joint force to promote development" "Implement a new combined tax and fee support policy"... In this year's government work report, "combination boxing" has become An important policy orientation, through the cooperation of various policy measures and regulatory means, will amplify the implementation of the policy, better exert the combined effect of "1+1>2", and provide stronger support for the smooth operation of the economy.

  To play a good policy "combination punch", we must highlight synergy.

Entering a new stage of development, with the expansion of my country's economic scale and the more complete industrial system, the systemic and complex economic operation has greatly increased, testing the ability and level of policy formulation and implementation.

To do a good job in this year's economic work, macro policies must be stable and effective, micro policies must continue to stimulate the vitality of market players, structural policies must focus on smoothing the national economic cycle, science and technology policies must be solidly implemented, reform and opening up policies must activate development momentum, and regional policies must enhance development. Balanced and coordinated, social policies must stick to the bottom line of people's livelihood.

This means that stabilizing the macroeconomic market and promoting high-quality economic and social development cannot be achieved by a single policy alone, but requires multiple policies and measures to go hand in hand.

Only by playing a good policy "combination boxing" can we win this year's tough battle of "steady words and steady progress".

  To play a good policy "combination punch", we must adhere to the system concept.

Macro-control is a complex systematic project, and any policy measure that is "inadequate" or "overdone" may affect the overall policy effect, or even have the reactionary effect of "overdue".

This requires us to formulate and implement policies from the overall perspective, follow the laws of economics and development, adhere to systematic thinking and scientific planning, and strive to promote policy synergy. Fallacy", the overall task is simply decomposed, and even layered.

At the same time, when adjusting policies and promoting reforms, we must grasp the timeliness, insist on establishing first and then break through, and fight steadily and steadily.

  To play a good policy "combination punch", we must achieve the best results.

At present, my country's economic development is facing the triple pressure of demand contraction, supply shock, and weakening expectations. It is necessary to maintain stable growth and high quality. The formulation and implementation of any policy is like sailing against the current. It is necessary to comprehensively weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and maximize the performance. While the policy promotes economic development, it minimizes possible adverse effects and economic risks.

Taking fiscal and monetary policies as an example, how can we improve policy effectiveness and strengthen implementation while preventing possible negative effects such as debt risks and inflation?

This year's government work report gives a good answer: through measures such as turning over the profits accumulated in recent years by specific state-owned financial institutions and specialized institutions, and transferring into the budget stabilization fund, the fiscal deficit rate will be reduced and the fiscal sustainability will be enhanced at the same time. , the scale of expenditure has expanded by more than 2 trillion yuan over last year, and the available financial resources have increased significantly.

This approach, which does not increase the burden on enterprises and society, but also reduces financial risks, can be described as a good strategy of "one sugar cane and two ends are sweet".

  Macro-control is like a machine. Only when every part and every "part" is tightly engaged and exerts force together can it operate efficiently.

The more pressure and difficulties increase, the more it is necessary to exert the combined effect of various policies with half the effort.

To achieve the goals and tasks of this year's economic and social development, all regions and departments must focus on the overall situation, have the overall situation in mind, and serve the overall situation, shoulder the responsibility of stabilizing the macro economy, and actively introduce policies that are conducive to economic stability. A powerful force for quality development.

It is believed that under the "combination punch" of fiscal, monetary, employment, industry, investment, consumption, regional and other policies, China's economic giant will ride the wind and waves, make steady progress, and head for a brighter future.

     Wu Qiuyu