The reporter found that around many primary schools, there are many stationery stores and small shops filled with various lottery games. Some of the prizes are still three-no-products, and even have a pungent smell after opening.

These lottery games attract these lack of self-control children to pay for the lottery again and again.

  The reporter tested several common cash lottery toys on the market one by one.

Among the 66 golden eggs in a small shop, only 7 eggs have cash prizes, 5 for 1 yuan, 2 for 5 yuan, and the winning amount is only 15 yuan.

This golden egg can also be reused, and the winning rate and winning amount are completely determined by the store owner.

Stamp collecting has a deeper way of playing.

The reporter spent 80 yuan to buy a whole page of 80 lottery tickets for experience. After opening it, he got 320 cartoon images, but there was no winning combination, and each combination was missing one.

The reporter also experienced several other philatelic lottery toys, and the results were exactly the same, with only one winning combination missing.

  In such a scam, some children have figured out the routine after a painful lesson.

But more children are still trapped in it, unable to extricate themselves.

During the investigation, the reporter persuaded many children who were addicted to lottery games, but almost all of them failed. They believed that luck would come one day, and they also said that "betting a wave of bicycles and turning into motorcycles"!