The new crown antigen self-test kit quickly landed on major e-commerce platforms.

  On March 14, surging journalists found that many e-commerce platforms including Tmall,, and Meituan can search for new crown antigen self-test kit products, most of which are "reservation purchases", and a few platforms have been able to buy directly.

  The "New Coronavirus Antigen Detection Application Plan (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") announced on March 11 shows that the applicable population of antigen detection mainly includes three categories of people: first, those who go to primary medical and health institutions for treatment, accompanied by respiratory tract, Persons with symptoms such as fever and within 5 days of onset of symptoms; second, quarantine observation personnel, including home quarantine observation, close contact and sub-close contact, entry quarantine observation, closed and controlled areas, and people in control areas; third, those who need antigen self-testing Residents.

  The "Plan" also clarifies that community residents who have self-test needs can purchase antigen test reagents for self-test through retail pharmacies, online sales platforms and other channels.

  Tmall: Direct purchase, 20 sets are priced at 486 yuan

  On March 14, Tmall Health's first self-testing product for COVID-19 was launched and can be purchased directly.

  The surging journalists can search for "new crown self-test" in the Taobao APP to enter the Novozyme new coronavirus antigen detection kit purchase page.

The product is priced at 486 yuan, and the specification is 20 servings.

  There are also detailed instructions for purchasing the new crown antigen self-test and introduction to the use process on the page. Through nasal swab sampling, the test results can be read within 10-20 minutes.

  Ali Health said that more new crown antigen self-test products officially authorized by the brand are being launched one after another.

The Taobao page shows that the new crown antigen self-test products that will be launched soon, including Wanfu Bio and Jinwofu, are not yet open for sales and reservations.

Wanfu Bio's novel coronavirus antigen detection kit has 10 people/box and 20 people/box, while Jinwolf Bio's only has 25 people/box.

  The reporter saw on the purchase page of Meituan Buying Medicine that the brand currently on the shelves is Beijing Jinwofu, and the price is 32.8 yuan per serving (1 person).

Meituan said that after it was put on the shelves yesterday, it was temporarily sold out due to tight supply, and the page was automatically triggered to go offline, and purchases were resumed yesterday afternoon.

Orders can now be placed as normal.

According to the page, the delivery cycle is about 15 days.

  The relevant person in charge of Meituan Buying told reporters that starting from March 13, users can make an appointment to buy related products through the pharmacies that deliver nationwide in the Meituan Buying Channel, and merchants will use express delivery to deliver products to users from the 20th; at the same time Meituan Buying Medicine has also cooperated with many chain pharmacies such as People's Pharmacy, Guoda Pharmacy, Gaoji Medical, Neptune, Dashenlin Pharmacy, and Quanyuantang Pharmacy. products, together to provide users with a 30-minute door-to-door service.

  Jingdong: Make an appointment to buy, divided into 5 people, 20 people, and 25 people

  Currently available brands include Rejing Bio (5 people), Beijing Jinwofu (25 people), and BGI (20 people).

At present, only BGI has announced the price, which is 490 yuan per copy, and the rest of the prices are released.

  The relevant person in charge of JD Health told The Paper that they are currently communicating with qualified brands.

It will provide consumers with compliant, brand-authorized, and easy-to-buy antigen testing self-test products as soon as possible. Make an appointment to buy, and start the rush on March 30

  The surging news reporter searched for "new crown self-test kit" on Suning Tesco and found that the new crown antigen test kit can be reserved online.

  The page shows that Nanjing Novizan vazyme novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) antigen detection kit (colloidal gold method) will officially open the appointment at 10:00 am on March 14, and will be available from 10:00 am to the same day on March 30. The snap-up starts at 23:59.

As of press time, the page has not yet displayed the specific price of the product at the beginning.

  Pharmaceutical e-commerce: a number of companies announced to cooperate with manufacturers to sell related products

  As more and more new crown antigen self-test products are approved, manufacturers or e-commerce platforms have also voiced one after another, saying that they will sell related products.

However, not all businesses name the business that sells the product.

  The surging news reporter was informed that BGI (300676) will sign contracts with a number of pharmaceutical e-commerce or distribution platforms on March 14, including China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial, Jiuzhoutong (600998), Yixintang (002727), Jianzhijia (605266) ), Yikang Pharmaceutical, 1 Drug Network (YI.US).

China Resources Pharmaceutical Commercial and Jointown are leading domestic distribution companies, while Yixintang and Jianzhijia are chain pharmacies.

Yikang Pharmaceutical and 1 Medicine Network are pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms.

  In addition to the official announcement of the cooperation by the manufacturers, on the evening of March 13, Yiyao Pharmacy, a DTP brand of Shanghai Pharma Cloud Health, announced that pharmacies and online malls across the country are actively preparing, and the online and offline reservation channels will be opened nationwide.

According to official data, Yiyao Pharmacy has more than 200 professional DTP pharmacies, covering nearly 60 cities in 23 provinces across the country.

  On the evening of March 13, Ping An Health Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (Ping An Good Doctor, 01833) announced that the first batch of new coronavirus antigen self-test kits will be launched soon.

At that time, users can make reservations and purchases in the Ping An Health APP.

The platform will also launch a self-test kit in the form of a professional service package on the doctor's workbench, and you can place an order for purchase after the official launch.

  It is worth noting that institutions with physical examination institutions as their main business have also joined the new crown antigen self-test sales team.

  On the morning of March 14, Meinian Health (002044) announced that it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Meinian Health, and Meinian Health became the core partner of Meinian Health's new crown antigen detection product sales channel, and Meinian Health became Meinian Health's liver cancer. The core partner of health check-up products and services such as early screening.

  Peng Mei News has previously reported that chain pharmacies such as People's Pharmacy, Yifeng Pharmacy, Yixintang, and pharmaceutical e-commerce platforms such as Gaoji Medical and Yikang Pharmaceutical have announced that they have reached cooperation with some of the first five approved companies. The test product will be available for sale in the near future.

  According to a previous research report by Zhongtai Securities, it is expected that the domestic new crown antigen self-test kit market is expected to reach 17.7-26.6 billion yuan in a single month.

Taking into account the purchases of residents and enterprises at their own expense, it is expected that the purchase demand for new crown antigen detection products will further increase.

  On March 14th, the surging journalists searched for "new crown antigen self-test" through the Jingdong APP and found that related products have been reserved.

  It is worth noting that from March 13th to April 11th, each user of this product is limited to 1 piece per day.

  On March 13, the new crown antigen self-test product officially opened an appointment in Meituan. product.

  The surging news reporter learned from Tmall Health that after the official launch, users can also purchase new crown antigen self-test products through the wondfo flagship store, Ali Health Pharmacy, Dashenlin Pharmacy flagship store, Juhuasuan and other channels.