For some, the electric car is a clumsy machine without faith or voice, incapable of providing sporting pleasure.

But as we had already discovered here, the Born from Cupra has the physical assets conducive to dynamism, with a rear-engine propulsion architecture.

To gauge its balance on the ice and see how the Cupra resists the cold, we headed for the Far North.

“Eco-silent” drifts

The thermometer shows -10°C.

At this temperature, the battery cannot activate the optional e-boost, which increases the power from 204 to 231 hp for a few seconds.


But the instantaneous couple makes the butt of this Cupra easily drift, although the ESP (not completely deactivatable) prohibits too wide a drift.

So we can drift, but light.

And in silence, which is a bit confusing, but not awkward.

If this electric Cupra is fun to dance to despite its total weight, it's because it's better balanced than most of its rivals: its rear motor ensures perfect weight distribution (50% at the front and 50% % in back).

Not sure that an electric front-wheel drive would have chained the turns as nimbly as the Born in these extreme conditions...

What is certain, however, is that aggressive driving is not ideal for a battery-powered car because it greatly reduces autonomy.

Especially in very cold weather... The moral is that to enjoy dancing on ice in an electric car, you have to choose your partner carefully and only shake it in moderation.


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