Can Seafood Noodles Become the Next "Snail Noodles"


  Guangxi is a province with a large number of rice noodle resources. In addition to snail noodles, there are also Guilin rice noodles, Fangchenggang seafood noodles, Beihai pig trotter noodles, Nanning old friends noodles, Yulin Niuba noodles, etc. All kinds of rice noodles have different flavors to compete for the appetite of diners.

After Liuzhou's bagged snail noodles emerged, many rice noodles wanted to "go out of the circle" through bagged products to occupy a larger market share, including seafood noodles in Fangchenggang.

  Seafood noodle is a traditional rice noodle dish cooked by mixing rice noodle and seafood. It is a special snack along the coast of Beibu Gulf.

Fangchenggang seafood powder is loved by many consumers because of its delicious taste, smooth taste, flexibility and strength, and nutrition Q bomb.

At present, there are two companies in Fangchenggang City that produce bagged seafood powder, forming a complete seafood powder product chain of dry rice noodles + cooked seafood + seafood soup + seasoning.

  Can Fangchenggang Seafood Noodles replicate the "out-of-the-circle" model of Liuzhou snail noodles?

This has to start with the differences between seafood noodles and snail noodles.

  Fangchenggang seafood noodles and Liuzhou snail noodles are both local specialty snacks. The basic raw materials are rice noodles, and the same bagging process is adopted; snail noodles have a unique flavor of "smelling stinky and delicious", especially among young people. Female consumers have a large number of loyal fans.

In contrast, seafood powder has high nutritional value and delicious taste, which is more suitable for the needs of consumers with light taste. There are many consumer groups in surrounding cities.

  The same and different, it is determined that seafood noodles can learn from but not copy the development model of snail noodles.

Compared with the snail noodles that have gained a firm foothold in the market now, seafood noodles still have several barriers to be overcome in order to be "fresh to the end".

  Process off.

The competitiveness of seafood powder is "fresh".

We all know that seafood freshly salvaged from the sea is the most delicious.

To store seafood in bags, it is necessary to use relevant fresh-keeping and anti-corrosion processes. How to preserve the freshness of seafood for a long time and maximize the preservation of seafood is a major test for the production process of seafood powder.

Freshness is related to the characteristics and competitiveness of seafood powder. How fresh it can be determines to a certain extent how big the market for seafood powder can be.

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Compared with the snail noodles that are currently popular in the market, the popularity and influence of bagged seafood noodles are still relatively small.

In order to let consumers know and accept seafood powder, it is necessary to continue to expand the market, and there must be a large marketing investment in the early stage.

In addition, the bagged snail powder industry has gone through a 5-year cultivation period from its inception to its popularity, and seafood powder may also have to go through a longer investment cycle.

  In addition, how to face the simple copying of competitors is also a hurdle for seafood fans to pass.

The raw materials for seafood powder production are available in coastal areas, and the threshold for processing and production is not high. Relevant production enterprises can simply copy when the tuyere comes, so as to flock to share the dividends of industrial development.

how to respond?

It is not only necessary to have a sense of brand protection, but also to make a solid product with its own characteristics.

  In short, seafood fans have the opportunity to "get out of the circle", but the difficulties and challenges are not small.

Successfully breaking through the barrier requires enterprises to work hard in processing technology and product innovation; making seafood powder into a big industry also requires the guidance and support of relevant government departments, such as the construction of food safety assurance system, market operation and management order, brand protection, Provide policy support in terms of corporate financing, cultivation of leading companies, and construction of the entire industry chain, etc., to help companies pass the market cultivation period as soon as possible, and promote the early arrival of the industrial burst period.