With the spread of the new corona infection, there is growing interest in disease prevention and health promotion, and efforts to share patient medical data with doctors are accelerating.

Seven companies, including Omron, a major electronic device company, will play a central role in establishing an organization to improve the data distribution system.

Seven companies, including OMRON, Eisai, a major pharmaceutical company, and SOMPO Holdings, a major non-life insurance company, will play a central role in establishing the new organization next year.

The group will collect daily data such as the patient's weight, diet history, and number of steps on a wearable terminal, and establish a system and rules that can be shared with doctors.

Doctors can also use past data to enable effective and sustainable examinations and treatments, with the aim of preventing illness and improving health.

On the other hand, there are also start-up companies that develop services that allow doctors and nurses to collaborate on CT images of patients.

"Alum" has developed a dedicated app to support the prompt sharing of diagnostic data for patients with high urgency such as cerebral infarction between on-site doctors and specialists.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is also focusing on health promotion utilizing digital technology, and is planning to standardize patient data and establish rules.

Exchange of medical data is also expanded overseas

The startup company "Arum" is also developing a service for exchanging medical data using apps overseas.

Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes has become a major issue in Southeast Asia.

The company began providing services at seven dialysis centers in Malaysia on the 7th.

With the new corona measures, doctors can share necessary information with other staff even if they are away.

Natsumi Nanbu of Alum said, "I think that wanting to have high-quality communication is a global and common need for clinical departments."