Focus on ten emerging industries and cultivate new kinetic energy

  Industrial Development Roadmap

  ◎Reporter Wu Changfeng

  Anhui Province regards building a gathering place for emerging industries and highlighting the development of ten emerging industries as the key task of cultivating new kinetic energy for high-quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Wang Qingxian, Governor of Anhui Province, presided over five special meetings, respectively discussing the development of new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles, new materials, artificial intelligence and other industries and the work plan of "double recruitment and double introduction". Deliberation to form a specific "roadmap" and "construction drawings".

  According to reports, Anhui uses the logic of the market and the power of capital to work, highlighting goal orientation and problem orientation. The relevant industry promotion group will lead the department to systematically sort out the upstream and downstream conditions of each industrial chain and the existing industrial foundation of the province, and invite experts in related fields. Scholars, entrepreneurs and heads of industry business associations interpret industry trends, technology paths, and market potential in detail. Through professional ideological collisions and practical countermeasure research, they clarify the "what, what, and how to do each industry." ".

  According to the plan, by 2025, Anhui plans to at least double the operating income of the top ten emerging industries, cultivate more than 100 billion-level emerging industries, and cultivate several trillion-level emerging industries; cultivate new types of displays, integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and smart networks. 5 world-class strategic emerging industry clusters, including automobiles, artificial intelligence, and smart home appliances; build about 30 major emerging industry bases with significant influence and competitiveness in the country; more than 260 national-level innovation platforms have overcome a number of constraints Key core technologies for the development of emerging industries.

  In addition, Anhui will further promote the construction of major emerging industry bases, major emerging industry projects, major emerging industry special projects, and innovative modern industrial system projects in Anhui Province, and will build more than 6 national-level strategic emerging industry clusters; will establish provincial industrial technology innovation Research institutes and comprehensive innovation centers for ten emerging industries, and build about 100 provincial-level technology innovation centers, industrial innovation centers, and manufacturing innovation centers.

  Anhui will also carry out a special campaign for the replacement of industrial chains and supply chains and a special campaign to attract corporate headquarters, and will cultivate about 100 "group owners" and "chain leaders" enterprises, 1,000 "specialized and new", "little giants" and "champions". "enterprise.

  At the same time, Anhui also deeply implements the demonstration project for the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. It will build about 100 demonstration units above the provincial level for the deep integration of the two industries, carry out the comprehensive evaluation and management of "Heroes on the Balance of Mu", and cultivate and construct about 20 units. Emerging industry characteristic towns have formed a group of industrial ecological complexes that are led by innovation, enriched in elements, space-saving, and livable and suitable for business.

  Anhui will continue to set up the provincial "three majors and one innovation" industrial development fund, build a functional platform for investment in major emerging industries, double the number of listed companies, and increase the number of listed companies to about 100, and expand and upgrade high-level scientific and technological talent teams to support innovation and entrepreneurship. Plan to support more than 400 projects.

It will attract a group of high-end industrial talents and innovative teams from all over the world, and build a team of top scientific and technological talents with important influence.

  Anhui will promote the high-quality development of ten emerging industries through strong organizational guarantees, policy guarantees, and mechanism guarantees.

Anhui has set up a construction execution group headed by provincial leaders in emerging industries gathering places, and set up 10 special classes for the promotion of emerging industries, and regularly carry out "double recruitment and double introduction" to coordinate specific matters for promoting industrial development.

At the same time, improve the policy coordination mechanism, regularly carry out performance evaluation of industrial support policies, and promptly abolish policies that are not effective in implementation.

  In addition, Anhui will also establish a statistical monitoring system for the top ten emerging industries, analyze and report the development of emerging industries and major project construction on a quarterly basis, carry out normalized risk monitoring and evaluation of the industrial chain, and conduct assessment and incentive evaluations. The development situation is included in the comprehensive assessment by the provincial party committee of the leading groups and leading cadres of the provincial municipalities.