Two sessions focus

  ◎Reporter Li Liyun

  At the beginning of the two sessions, small and medium-sized technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises have received a real "gift package". In addition to enjoying inclusive policy dividends such as tax reduction and fee reduction, they also ushered in exclusive policy dividends.

  On the morning of March 5, Zhou Lifu, chairman of Qiqihar Huagong Machine Tool Co., Ltd., was excited when he heard that the Prime Minister proposed in the government work report to increase the deduction ratio of R&D expenses for small and medium-sized technology enterprises from 75% to 100%.

After the meeting, he said when connecting with a reporter from Science and Technology Daily: "This time the ratio is increased to 100%, which truly reflects the state's support for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. This policy not only solves the problem of R&D funds for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also It reflects the state's attitude of encouraging innovation and supporting innovation."

  Qiqihar Huagong Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized scientific and technological equipment enterprise focusing on innovative research and development of special equipment.

Zhou Lifu calculated an account. After the benefits of this policy of increasing the deduction ratio are actually realized, it can save nearly 1 million yuan every year.

  "This policy has not only relieved the burden of innovative enterprises that are moving forward with heavy loads, but also undoubtedly helped small and medium-sized technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises that are less able to withstand the impact of the epidemic." Zhou Lifu said.

  "This is a common international practice. Our country's policy of increasing the deduction of corporate R&D expenses has increased from 50% to 75% at the beginning, and now it has increased to 100% for small and medium-sized technology companies. In terms of innovation ability, the financial and tax policies have given great support." Wang Xilin, director of the Achievement Transformation and Regional Innovation Division of the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, believes, "I believe this will strongly help the transformation of old industrial bases in Heilongjiang Province, and on the one hand, it will promote traditional industries. Technological transformation and upgrading, on the other hand, is also conducive to cultivating strategic emerging industries, cultivating a number of high-tech enterprises, and enhancing the company's own research and development capabilities and the core competitiveness of products."

  Song Qihui, general manager of Harbin Qianhui Technology Consulting Service Co., Ltd. and senior partner of Heilongjiang Longhui Tax Accountant Firm, provides technology services and policy interpretation for technology-based enterprises.

She believes: "After the state implements the policy of deduction and tax reduction for technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, the tax burden of enterprises will be reduced, and they will be able to 'run lightly and quickly'. At the same time, it will also provide strong support for traditional enterprises to upgrade their files and carry out scientific and technological innovation."

  Wu Xuehong, executive vice president and secretary general of the Heilongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Association, said that the policy is aimed at the R&D investment of enterprises. Through tax leverage, on the one hand, the tax burden of enterprises is reduced, and on the other hand, enterprises are encouraged to invest more funds in R&D, which is beneficial to enterprises. Development adds momentum, and also prompts enterprises to join the ranks of national high-tech enterprises as soon as possible, so that they can enjoy more scientific and technological support policies, and allow enterprises to enter a virtuous circle of innovation and development.

  After the opening meeting of the Fifth Session of the 13th National People's Congress, Minister of Finance Liu Kun said in an interview in the first "Minister's Channel" that it is necessary to accurately study and refine the introduction of policies to ensure that the tax and fee reduction policies will take effect.

Let the "real money" of tax reduction and fee reduction fall to enterprises as soon as possible and benefit individuals, so as to better realize the virtuous circle of "releasing water and raising fish, more water and more fish".