(Two Sessions Express) Fu Jun, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference: It is recommended to give full play to the role of private enterprises in rural revitalization

  Chinanews.com, Beijing, March 4th (Reporter Pang Wuji) Fu Jun, member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the board of directors of Xinhualian Group, recently told a reporter from Chinanews.com that his four proposals this year include giving full play to the role of private enterprises in important role in rural revitalization.

  After China's poverty alleviation has shifted to rural revitalization, with the shift of work methods to pay more attention to rural self-hematopoiesis, the shift of work focus to more emphasis on promoting regional development, and the shift of assistance measures to more emphasis on giving play to the role of the market, more companies need to be more extensive and more Get fully involved and make a difference.

  Fu Jun believes that private enterprises are large in number, widely distributed, and have strong market acumen and operational flexibility. In particular, a considerable number of private entrepreneurs come from the countryside, are familiar with the countryside, and understand the countryside, which allows private enterprises to deeply integrate the countryside. It has unique advantages in terms of environment, mining characteristic resources of rural areas, innovating production and operation models, and cultivating and expanding advantageous industries.

To fully implement the rural revitalization strategy, it is especially necessary to give full play to the role of the vast number of private enterprises.

  To this end, he put forward three suggestions: First, organize and carry out the "10,000 enterprises and 10,000 villages" action.

It is suggested that the federations of industry and commerce at all levels should guide all localities to deeply explore the unique industrial, cultural, ecological and other resources of local villages, and establish a unified, open and convenient information platform for the connection of resource elements and industrial projects.

  Under the unified work brand of "Ten Thousand Enterprises Revitalize Ten Thousand Villages", all localities create local work carriers based on local development needs and regional characteristics, attracting private enterprises of different scales and industries to participate in rural revitalization more widely.

  The second is to improve financial support and preferential tax policies.

Encourage all kinds of financial institutions, especially agricultural financial institutions, to innovate financial service functions and products, promote the application of financial technology in rural finance, improve the financial service organization system suitable for rural revitalization, and provide private enterprises participating in rural revitalization. Low-cost financial services, while increasing financial resources to support rural revitalization leading enterprises, key areas and weak links.

  The third is to establish a dynamic evaluation and promotion mechanism.

Necessary assessments are made on the participation of private enterprises in rural revitalization through various methods such as special surveys and public comments, so as to optimize the policy environment and working methods in a targeted manner.