Amazon, a major US IT company, announced that it will close 68 stores, including all real bookstores in the United States, as a review of its store strategy.

In the future, the company plans to focus on unmanned convenience stores without cash registers and clothing stores that make full use of IT.

Since opening its first bookstore in Seattle, where its headquarters is located, Amazon has expanded its stores to New York, Chicago, etc., and has collected products with a customer rating of 4 stars or more on its online shopping site. And so on.

It was talked about that it was a reverse advance from the Internet to the real world, but by the 3rd, Amazon said that it would turn around and review such a store strategy, including all bookstores in the United States and the United Kingdom. Announced that it will close 68 stores.

Going forward, the company plans to focus on the high-end supermarket Whole Foods Market, which it acquired in 2017, an unmanned convenience store without a cash register, and an IT-based clothing store that is scheduled to open in Los Angeles later this year. ..

Amazon said in a statement, "We will continue to work on creating long-term experiences and developing technologies in physical stores," and it seems that there will be no change in our policy of seeking a fusion of the Internet and the real world.

Among major IT companies, Google is accelerating the move to strengthen physical stores, such as opening the first physical store that sells smartphones developed in-house last year, but it is developing a sales strategy that responds to changes in customer needs. It seems that the key is to be able to do it.