As economic sanctions on Russia increase, automaker Mazda has decided to stop exporting parts to its factories in Russia.

Toyota Motor has also announced that it will suspend the operation of its local factory for the time being, and there is a growing movement among Japanese automakers to forgo business in Russia.

Mazda, an automobile manufacturer, has set up a joint factory in Vladivostok, Russia, with a local automobile manufacturer, exporting most of the parts from Japan and assembling SUVs = multipurpose sports cars.

Last year, it exported about 30,000 auto parts to a Russian factory, but according to the company, it will stop exporting parts in the future, except for exports in containers for Russia, which it has already contracted. about it.

According to the people concerned, the local factory has several months' worth of parts in stock, and the company plans to continue operating the factory for the time being, but in the future, taking into account the local situation and parts inventory, etc. It is decided whether to continue operation.

Regarding the business of automakers in Russia, Toyota Motor has decided to suspend the operation of local factories for the time being from the 4th, and Honda has also suspended the export of cars to Russia, Japanese automobiles There is a growing movement among manufacturers to forgo business.