Due to delivery bottlenecks, Porsche wants to interrupt the construction of cars at the Leipzig plant.

The factory was forced to suspend production from Wednesday afternoon until the end of next week, a spokesman said on Wednesday.

The Macan and Panamera models are built there.

Short-time work will be applied for for the 2,500 employees affected.

In Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, where the Taycan and the 911 are built, production will continue this week, according to the announcement.

“The further steps take place in an orderly process.

In the coming days and weeks we will drive on sight and continuously reassess the situation.” According to information from industry circles, the Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche has so far obtained cable harnesses from western Ukraine.

The Porsche spokesman continued: "The Volkswagen Group is looking at the situation in Ukraine with great concern and dismay." It is hoped that hostilities will end quickly and that diplomacy will return.

"We are convinced that a sustainable solution to the conflict can only be found on the basis of international law." In all activities on site, the safety and integrity of the people are the top priority.

The Porsche spokesman announced that the effects on business activities would be continuously determined by experts.