National autumn grain purchases are stable and orderly

  Beijing, February 27 (Reporter Du Haitao) The reporter learned from the State Grain and Material Reserve Bureau that at present, my country's autumn grain purchases are stable and orderly, the progress of the purchase is faster than that of the previous year, and the market is running smoothly.

As of February 20, various grain enterprises in the main producing areas had purchased a total of 304.7 billion catties of autumn grain, an increase of 34.2 billion catties year-on-year.

  Autumn grains mainly include middle and late indica rice, japonica rice, corn and soybean.

In order to do a good job in the purchase of autumn grains, the relevant state departments have strengthened overall planning, coordination and guidance, local governments and relevant enterprises have strictly implemented the requirements of the party and government for food security, and carefully organized market-oriented and policy-based "two acquisitions". The entire autumn grain acquisition work progressed smoothly.

Especially since mid-to-late December last year, farmers have been actively selling grain, processing companies have accelerated replenishment, trading companies have actively purchased and sold, and reserve companies have rotated grain sources in procurement, and the progress of grain purchase has been significantly accelerated.

At present, the peak season for mid-late indica rice has ended at the end of January; the peak season for japonica rice will end at the end of February; the peak season for soybeans and corn will continue until the end of March and the end of April.

  The relevant person in charge of the State Grain and Material Reserve Bureau said that the current domestic grain market is in sufficient supply and running smoothly, and various policies and measures are effective and effective. Maintaining the stable operation of the grain market has a solid foundation and many favorable conditions.