The New York Stock Exchange on the 28th of the week saw an increase in sell orders due to concerns over the rise in crude oil futures prices and prolonged inflation due to the effects of economic sanctions on Russia, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily exceeded $ 500. It was a big price drop.

In the New York stock market on the 28th, the price of crude oil futures rose due to the influence of Europe and the United States imposing economic sanctions against Russia, such as measures to exclude specific Russian banks from the international payment network called SWIFT, and in the United States Selling orders swelled immediately after the start of the transaction, partly due to growing concerns about the prolonged inflation.

As a result, the Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily fell sharply by more than $ 500 compared to last weekend.

After that, there was a buyback movement, and the closing price was 33,892.60 cents, which was 166.15 cents lower than last weekend.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen for the first time in three business days.

Market officials said, "Severe economic sanctions on Russia have led investors to avoid risks due to concerns about prolonged inflation, which is a burden on the world economy. What about Russia's military invasion of Ukraine? The market is still tense over whether it will change, and unstable price movements are likely to continue for the time being. "