In the United States, Amazon has just filed a complaint against AppSally and Rebatest, two companies accused of trafficking comments on its site.

According to the CNBC channel


relayed by Numerama, the online sales giant accuses these two groups of having developed a scheme aimed at raising the rating of certain sellers on the famous platform, by offering Internet users to monetize their opinion. for a gift.

According to our colleagues, empty packages have even been sent with photos of the product held in hand via companies using AppSally and Rebatest.

The goal ?

Allow accomplice recipients to publish a rave review, with supporting photos.

Note that, on Amazon, an opinion and a fortiori a note can only be given if the package has been sent to the customer.

900,000 people involved

In other words, this system allowed conniving Internet users to publish a very favorable opinion to raise the rating of fraudsters, in exchange for free products or gift cards.

According to our colleagues, the network implicated in this case concerns around 900,000 people, ready to write false reviews for Amazon or other sites like eBay.

Regarding the false purchases of empty boxes,


specifies that the money paid by the accomplices was then returned to them by Paypal transfer, at least as far as Rebatest is concerned.

This war that Amazon is waging against the fake review trade has been going on for 7 years already, without a solution having been found.

However, the e-commerce giant seems determined to continue its actions in order to preserve user confidence in comments.


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