As the largest snail powder producing area in the country, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi combines standardization and informatization, integrates "standardization +" into all aspects of industrial development, and makes "Yufeng Intelligent Manufacturing" an innovation-driven engine. Boost a bowl of millet noodles to roam in the vast market.

  At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the workshop of Guangxi Zhongliu Food Technology Co., Ltd. in Liuzhou Snail Noodles Industrial Park in Guangxi was busy, the production line was running at full capacity, and workers were busy packing snail noodles in bags.

  "We started construction on the sixth day of the new year, and the daily output is about 250,000 to 300,000 bags, with a maximum of 420,000 bags a day. How much is produced can be sold." On February 15, Wei Yangnian, general manager of the company, told a reporter from Science and Technology Daily.

  Loading, ordering, placing orders... In Liuzhou Snail Noodles Industrial Park, more than 3 million bags of snail noodles are loaded into logistics vehicles every day and sent to all parts of the country.

  In December 2021, the National Standardization Administration issued the second batch of national-level consumer product standardization pilot projects, and Liuzhou Snail Noodles Industrial Park (the gathering area of ​​snail noodles in Yufeng District) declared by the Liuzhou Yufeng District Government was selected. The high-quality development of Liuzhou snail powder industry has added new momentum.

  As the largest snail powder producing area in the country, Yufeng District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi combines standardization and informatization, integrates "standardization +" into all aspects of industrial development, and makes "Yufeng Intelligent Manufacturing" an innovation-driven engine. Boost a bowl of millet noodles to roam in the vast market.

  Fully automated equipment is used for the production of snail powder from the streets to the workshop

  Walking into the intelligent workshop of Guangxi Xingliu Food Co., Ltd., one after another intelligent robots pack, pack, and transport in their respective "posts"... The workshop is like an unmanned "future world".

  "We use the concept of standardization to strengthen and become an excellent leading enterprise and support the high-quality development of the snail powder industry." Peng Jijun, the head of Yufeng District, introduced that Yufeng District adopted the "government guidance + leading enterprise driving + enterprise + standardization" model, using standardized means to Leading enterprises, markets and enterprises are connected in series, and through typical demonstrations of leading enterprises, the standardized production of surrounding enterprises is driven, and the industrialization of snail powder is promoted.

  Snail noodles are a street food in Liuzhou.

During its heyday, more than 200 enterprises gathered in Yufeng District, and a bowl of sour, spicy and fragrant snail noodles satisfied the taste buds of night shift workers.

  In 2016, Yufeng District developed and constructed Liuzhou Snail Noodles Industrial Park, bringing street food to the park and realizing large-scale, industrialized and standardized production.

At the same time, the government fully supports the development of snail powder enterprises in terms of market access, land use indicators, construction permits, and preferential policies, which has stimulated the new vitality of the industry.

  Up to now, Liuzhou Snail Noodles Industrial Park has settled and put into production 40 enterprises, giving birth to industrial giants such as Haohuanluo, Luobawang, Xiluohui, Liujiangrenjia, and Luozhuangyuan. The average daily production capacity of the park has reached 3 million bags.

  At present, the snail powder enterprises above designated size have carried out the transformation of processing technology and intelligent workshop. Most of the enterprises have used fully automated equipment such as automatic measuring packaging machines, high-speed soup filling machines, pasteurization equipment, and sour bamboo shoots and fungus distributors.

From a grain of rice to a snail raw material planting and breeding is safer and more efficient

  In November 2021, in the core demonstration area of ​​snail powder raw materials located in Wangmei Village, Baisha Town, Yufeng District, 350 mu of snail rice was harvested.

  Seizing the "spicy" blue ocean market, Yufeng District has embedded the raw materials of snail powder into the development chain of rural revitalization industry, and vigorously developed the raw material industry of snail powder.

  In 2018, Yufeng District developed and constructed Liuzhou snail powder raw material industry demonstration zone, and vigorously promoted "rice + snail + fishing" by cooperating with Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangxi Aquatic Technology Promotion Station, Liuzhou snail powder industry college and other scientific research institutions. The symbiotic and co-cultivation model of "rice-bean-green onion" and other crop rotation patterns and the "bacteria-vegetable-bamboo" high-efficiency ecological cycle planting model realize the efficient use of land resources.

The application and promotion of cowpea weight loss and medicine reduction green and efficient cultivation technology, bamboo shoots and bamboo asexual seedlings and other new technologies and new achievements have reached 14, providing strong scientific and technological support for the high-standard development of snail powder raw materials in Yufeng District.

  Up to now, Yufeng District has developed a total of 94,450 mu of Liuzhou snail powder raw materials for planting and breeding (multi-cropping), and can provide 53,000 tons of snail powder raw materials annually.

  At the same time, Yufeng District also vigorously promotes agricultural intelligence and digital innovation. It has successively developed a smart agricultural system for snail powder raw materials and a big data platform for Longxiangyun Liuzhou snail powder to promote the application of intelligent pest capture, unmanned aerial vehicle control, and water saving. With intelligent agricultural technologies such as micro-sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, farmers can master the growth of crops without leaving their homes, and "relying on the sky to eat" has become "intelligent control", realizing the digitalization of the whole industry chain of snail powder from "production - processing - sales" , visualization and traceability.

  From Liuzhou to the world, "Yufeng Intelligent Manufacturing" leads snail noodles to sell well all over the world

  In June 2021, Zhongliu Company was awarded the high-quality front-print certification by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center. So far, many pre-packaging companies in Yufeng District, such as Luobawang and Zhongliu, have successfully applied for the Hong Kong high-quality front-print certification.

  "Obtaining the certification means that our products are highly competitive, which is of great help for us to explore Hong Kong and other overseas markets, and to promote snail noodles out of Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macau, and the world." Wei Yangnian said.

  Focus on key technologies and strengthen industry-university-research cooperation.

Since 2018, key enterprises in Yufeng District have cooperated with Guangxi Liuzhou Snail Noodle Engineering Technology Research Center to build a total of 39 research and development projects in three years, applied for 42 patents related to the snail noodle industry, and participated in the formulation of 5 various standards. New products such as brewed snail powder and low-calorie series snail powder were jointly developed and put into production one after another, achieving an output value of 571.453 million yuan.

The snail powder science and technology small courtyard - Guangxi Hugui Food Group Co., Ltd. has carried out research and scientific and technological research on food preservation and preparation technology issues, and has achieved preliminary results in promoting the development of enterprises and industries.

  Up to now, 30 snail powder manufacturers in Yufeng District have successfully registered 613 trademarks and obtained 31 patents.

One by one, "Yufeng Intelligent Manufacturing" leads Liuzhou snail noodles to the world.

  According to Shi Xiaosong, secretary of the Yufeng District Committee, most of the snail powder brands in Liuzhou snail powder industrial park have obtained export qualifications. According to statistics from Liuzhou Customs, in 2021, Liuzhou snail powder under the supervision of Liuzhou Customs will export about 52 million yuan. , of which more than 90% come from Liuzhou snail powder industrial park.

Liuzhou snail powder has become a popular "Internet celebrity" food all over the world, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions.