"One Village One Screen" information release system, smart cultural tourism promotion platform, "air classroom" immersive teaching... In recent years, the construction of rural revitalization informatization platforms has been promoted in many places.

The State Administration of Radio and Television recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Smart Radio and Television Rural Projects", emphasizing the need to vigorously implement the Smart Radio and Television Rural Project, comprehensively improve the digital, networked and intelligent level of rural radio and television, and actively promote the full integration of smart radio and television into rural revitalization. strategy.

  From "Watching TV" to "Using TV"

  A large TV screen is connected to the 5G online "cloud" platform by means of broadband network and set-top box access technology, and transformed into a multi-functional "smart TV".

On the radio and television 5G smart cloud party history learning and education platform in Maojun Village, Maojun Town, Lanshan County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, viewers can not only browse news in front of the TV, but also watch local video resources, party history boutique documentaries and TV dramas, etc. For film and television works, you can also access the "Learning Powerful Nation" platform by operating the remote control to learn the history of the party.

This new "learning window" has attracted many local villagers to experience it, opening up the "last mile" of rural party history learning and education.

  In recent years, the shift from "watching TV" to "using TV" has gradually become a new living habit for more and more villagers.

A "smart TV" is not only a display that broadcasts TV programs, but also a comprehensive platform that provides various services such as public culture, agriculture-related information, rural governance and industrial support.

  Information technology can play a role in rural revitalization.

Industry insiders pointed out that the promotion of smart radio and television in the fields of smart agriculture, village fire protection, and comprehensive information services for immigrant new villages will accelerate the pace of rural revitalization.

  Platform integration and development are full of vitality

  The reporter learned that the construction of Jiangsu smart radio and television rural services has been fully integrated into many fields such as rural cultural positions, information services, grassroots governance construction, and industrial revitalization.

For example, the TV-side software platform "Power TV" links TV with mobile phones and computers to "learn to strengthen the country" to facilitate grass-roots party building services; Villagers can order information such as agricultural technology videos, agricultural benefit policy explanations, and agricultural information releases in front of the TV; the "Famous Teachers' Air Classroom" connects online and offline, in- and extra-curricular, and school-family educational resource supply systems. Enjoy high-quality educational resources in front of the big TV screen.

  Hubei Radio and Television launched the integrated media program "Window of Hubei Agricultural Opening" and promoted the industrial transformation of "TV + cultural tourism"; Inner Mongolia Radio and Television Bureau launched the "Livestock Express" program to facilitate the production and life of herdsmen; "Diagnosis" service, providing practical functions such as medical science popularization and health consultation... Nowadays, many relevant local departments have explored the "wisdom" of smart radio and television: Smart radio and television is not the sum of various technologies and functions, but radio and television and rural industries. , governance, public services and other multi-functional integration.

  The "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Smart Radio and Television Rural Projects" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") proposes to accelerate the promotion of high-tech audio-visual products and services such as high-definition, immersive, interactive, and virtual reality; actively expand meteorological services, agricultural technology promotion, and disaster early warning , comprehensive management, ecological protection and other application scenarios and service functions; encourage radio and television related institutions to build e-commerce service platforms, develop platform economy, and promote "public service advertisements, programs + consumer assistance", "short videos, live broadcast + consumer assistance", etc. model.

  How can technologies such as live broadcast and short video play a further role?

Experts suggest that, on the one hand, with the help of smart radio and television, we can continue to carry out live broadcast activities to bring goods, give play to the important role of the radio and television industry e-commerce platform to help farmers with production and sales, and promote and cultivate characteristic agricultural product brands; The advantages of audio-visual media, through documentaries, special column programs, public service advertisements and other forms, continue to develop characteristic cultural brands to boost the development of rural cultural tourism industry.

  "Household access" becomes "everyone access"

  In recent years, the state has successively introduced policies related to the rural revitalization of smart radio and television services.

In March 2021, the "Implementation of Smart Radio and Television Solid Edge Project and Rural Project" was written into the "14th Five-Year Plan" outline; in June 2021, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the "Notice on Carrying out Special Actions for Smart Radio and Television Service Rural Revitalization", stating that Carry out a special campaign for smart radio and television to serve rural revitalization in the radio and television and online audio-visual industries.

  In the future, smart radio and television is expected to achieve more breakthroughs in rural services.

The "Opinions" propose that by 2025, the service capacity of smart radio and television in rural areas will be greatly improved and become an important force in promoting rural revitalization.

The application of the new generation of information technology in the vast rural areas has been accelerated, new formats, new models and new scenarios have been widely expanded, basically realizing the transformation of radio and television from functional to intelligent.

An important breakthrough was made in the mobile-first strategy, which basically realized the upgrade and development from "every household access" to "everyone access".

  Whether the village is strong or not depends on the "leading geese".

Experts believe that all kinds of talents in rural revitalization are very important. Focusing on the needs of rural revitalization, we can give full play to the advantages of radio, television and online audio-visual content, network, and platform, cultivate talents for smart radio and television rural construction, train farmers' anchors, help talents, and e-commerce. Live broadcast Internet celebrities and other rural e-commerce talents, cultivate rural handicraftsmen, traditional artists, non-genetic inheritors, etc., and enhance the ability of agricultural and rural self-development.