The G20 = Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting of 20 major countries, which was held in Indonesia, closed on the night of the 18th of Japan time.

The joint statement adopted agreed to continue to look carefully at key risks, including tensions over Ukraine.

The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors' Meeting was held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 17th this month, with the participation of Finance Minister Kanda of the Ministry of Finance locally and Governor Kuroda of the Bank of Japan online.

According to a joint statement adopted at the conference, the situation in Ukraine is positioned as "tension over the ongoing geopolitics" and "we will carefully look at the major economic and financial risks."

He also said that the world economy is "recovering", while "the spread of infection with the new corona and the emergence of mutant strains are affecting the pace of recovery. Supply turmoil, supply-demand mismatches, and energy. Rising prices are increasing inflationary pressures in many countries and pose a potential risk to the outlook for the global economy. "

Furthermore, keeping in mind that Europe and the United States are moving to tighten monetary policy to deal with inflation, "the central bank will continue clear communication on its policy stance," he said to the economies of neighboring countries and regions such as emerging countries. We agreed that we need to pay attention to the impact.