Top 10 consumer cities in 2021: 4 cities are among the trillion-dollar clubs, and Guangzhou is newly promoted

  Author: Lin Xiaozhao

  In recent years, the role of consumption in driving the economy has become increasingly prominent.

So, which cities have the largest total consumption?

  After sorting out the statistics of the total retail sales of social consumer goods (hereinafter referred to as "total social consumption") in my country's major cities in 2021, the first financial reporter found that the top ten cities in terms of total social consumption last year were Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Suzhou. , Nanjing, Wuhan and Hangzhou.

Among them, the total social consumption of the first four cities exceeded one trillion yuan, one more than the previous year.

In terms of growth rate, Chongqing, a municipality directly under the Central Government from the west, leads the way.

  Guangzhou joins, and the number of cities in the trillion-dollar consumption club increases to 4

  Data show that in 2021, the total social consumption of four cities will exceed the trillion yuan mark, namely Shanghai, Beijing and Chongqing, the three municipalities directly under the Central Government, and the sub-provincial city Guangzhou.

  Among them, Shanghai's total social consumption continued to rank first in the country.

Data from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Statistics shows that the city's total social consumption in 2021 will be 1,807.925 billion yuan, an increase of 13.5% over the previous year and an average two-year increase of 6.8%.

From the perspective of major commodity categories, the growth of basic living consumption is good, and the retail sales of daily necessities increased by 24.7% year-on-year; the consumption demand for upgrades continued to release, and the retail sales of cultural office supplies, gold and silver jewelry and cosmetics increased by 40.1% year-on-year, 30.3% and 15.7%.

  On September 18 last year, the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Government released the "Shanghai Implementation Plan for Building an International Consumption Center City", focusing on "international", closely following "consumption", highlighting "center", focusing on 7 aspects and proposing 28 specific tasks. , and strive to be the first to basically build an international consumption center city with global influence, competitiveness and reputation by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

  After Shanghai, Beijing will achieve a total social consumption of 1,486.77 billion yuan in 2021, ranking second in total, with a year-on-year increase of 8.4% and an average decrease of 0.7% in the two years.

Among the total social consumption, according to consumption patterns, the retail sales of goods was 1,373.31 billion yuan, an increase of 7.1% over the previous year; the catering income was 113.46 billion yuan, an increase of 27.5%.

  Chongqing, a municipality directly under the Central Government from the west, ranks third.

In 2021, Chongqing will realize a total social consumption of 1,396.767 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5% over the previous year and an average increase of 9.6% in the two years.

Whether it is the year-on-year growth rate or the two-year average growth rate, Chongqing leads the top ten cities, which also reflects the rapid growth of Chongqing's consumer market.

  Peng Peng, vice-chairman of the Guangdong Economic Reform Association in his hometown of Chongqing, analyzed the first financial analysis that Chongqing has a population of more than 30 million and is still in the process of rapid industrialization and urbanization. The main urban area of ​​Chongqing is more attractive to the surrounding areas. A large number of people from the surrounding areas have entered the main urban area, and the scale of the central area has become larger and larger.

  The seventh national census data shows that compared with the sixth national census in 2010, the proportion of the resident population in the main urban area of ​​Chongqing increased by 4.73 percentage points, of which the proportion of the resident population in the central urban area increased by 6.42 percentage points. The proportion of the resident population in the main city new area decreased by 1.69 percentage points; the proportion of the resident population in the urban agglomeration in the Three Gorges Reservoir area in northeastern Chongqing decreased by 3.84 percentage points; the proportion of the resident population in the urban agglomeration in the Wuling Mountains in southeastern Chongqing decreased by 0.89 percentage points.

  Peng Peng said that many companies take advantage of the population resources, land and other advantages around the main urban area of ​​Chongqing, and the local layout, industrial agglomeration also promotes population agglomeration.

In the process of urbanization, especially the agglomeration of population in central urban areas, people's consumption will also increase rapidly.

In addition, Chongqing has a relatively strong consumer culture, so the growth rate of consumption is also relatively fast.

  Last year, 4 cities ranked among the trillion-dollar consumption cities, 1 more than the previous year, and the first-tier city Guangzhou was among them.

As the commercial center of South China, Guangzhou has the best professional wholesale market in the country.

At the same time, as the capital of Guangdong, the largest economic province, Guangzhou also attracts many people from surrounding areas to consume.

  Peng Peng said that Guangzhou has a very strong consumer culture. As a thousand-year-old commercial capital, Guangzhou has a variety of wholesale markets and many consumer choices.

At the same time, Guangzhou's food culture is very strong. "Eating in Guangzhou" is well-deserved, and you can eat late at night.

  Mr. Xu, who often went to Guangzhou on business trips last year, often shared Guangzhou cuisine in the circle of friends. He told Yicai that not only Cantonese cuisine, but all kinds of cuisines in Guangzhou are very delicious, and he never tires of eating them.

  After Guangzhou, the total social consumption of three cities is in the echelon of 900 billion yuan, namely Shenzhen, Chengdu and Suzhou.

Among them, the total social consumption of the first-tier city Shenzhen in 2021 will be 949.812 billion yuan, gradually approaching the trillion yuan mark, and it is expected to enter the ranks of trillion-yuan consumption cities in 2022.

  In addition, the three sub-provincial cities of Nanjing, Wuhan and Hangzhou ranked eight to ten.

  Central cities lead consumption upgrades

  Among the top ten consumer cities in 2021, Shanghai, Beijing, and Chongqing are municipalities directly under the central government; Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Hangzhou are six sub-provincial cities. Only the seventh-ranked Suzhou is an ordinary prefecture-level city.

Judging from the location of the top ten consumption centers, 7 are from the eastern coastal areas, 4 of which are from the Yangtze River Delta, 2 are from the Pearl River Delta, and 1 is from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration.

Three are from the central and western regions, including Chongqing, Chengdu and Wuhan.

  Generally speaking, cities with a large total consumption are often large cities with a large economic aggregate and a large population. These cities have a large total consumption from the local area and have strong consumption power.

  On the other hand, many consumption center cities not only attract local purchasing power, but also attract a lot of consumption from surrounding areas.

Especially with the construction of high-speed rail, intercity rail, and urban rail transit, more and more purchasing power of surrounding areas flows to central cities and central urban areas.

Peng Peng said that the construction of rail transit will bring benefits to the consumption of central cities.

For example, strong provinces have strong consumer appeal to surrounding cities.

  Niu Fengrui, a researcher at the Urban Development and Environment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told Yicai that once the transportation is developed, the flow of people, logistics, information and capital will be smooth.

The convenient transportation network further enhances the leading role of the central city in radiating and driving, and at the same time allows the central city to further attract agglomeration elements.

  In recent years, my country has made great efforts to build an international consumption center city and give full play to the leading role of the consumption center city.

As early as October 2019, 14 departments including the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Cultivating and Building International Consumption Center Cities", proposing that it will take about 5 years to guide the basic conditions, consumption potential and internationalization level. Cultivation and construction of high-level cities with strong local aspirations will basically form a number of comprehensive international consumption center cities with global influence and attractiveness that are based in the country, radiate to surrounding areas, and face the world, and drive the formation of a number of specialized, characteristic, regional It has become an international consumption center city, making it a new carrier and a new engine for expanding and leading consumption, promoting the upgrading of industrial structure, and stimulating economic growth.

  On July 19, 2021, the Ministry of Commerce announced the latest progress on the construction of an international consumption center city.

Approved by the State Council, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin and Chongqing took the lead in developing and building international consumption centers.

  To play a leading and leading role, on the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the central awareness, which can also be said to be radiation awareness.

On the other hand, the consumption center city should lead the consumption trend and make every effort to create a new highland for consumption upgrading.

Niu Fengrui said that a major purpose of building a consumption center is to play a central role in leading consumption, including the application of consumer fashion, high-tech, new technology, and new products.

For example, the launch of new technology products is often first promoted in central cities, and then promoted nearby, becoming an industry.

  Niu Fengrui said that the consumption of large-scale commodities, the consumption of major technological innovation products, and the consumption of fashion are mainly led by the consumption center cities.

In addition, some large-scale cultural performances and sports competitions are also more marketable in central cities.

In general, the consumption center plays a very important leading role.