On February 15, the Beijing Winter Olympics snowboard men's big platform final came to an end. Yili brand spokesperson and 17-year-old Chinese player Su Yiming won the championship ahead of schedule and won China's sixth gold medal, achieving a historic breakthrough for China in this event.

In the recent snowboard men's slope obstacle skills final, Su Yiming also won the silver medal with a score of 88.70, creating the best result of a Chinese athlete in this event at the Winter Olympics.

  Since ancient times, a hero has emerged as a teenager. This young "Chinese teenager" has won the recognition of the world with his own strength, showing the vigorous vitality and bright future of China's ice and snow sports.

Su Yiming, the spokesperson of Yili brand, perfectly interprets the spiritual connotation of "fighting is shining".

Yili's 17-year Olympic complex, together with the 17-year-old Olympic champion, will inspire young people to work hard and shine.

As the only official dairy product partner of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, Yili has always supported Chinese Winter Olympic athletes with Olympic quality and nutrition.

  Since the official signing with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee in 2005, Yili has provided uninterrupted nutritional support for nearly 40 Olympic teams and tens of thousands of Olympic athletes in the past 17 years. The continuous support for self-expression is also another action to help the national nutrition and health cause and the Chinese Olympic cause to reach a new level.

  Olympic quality, I am proud of this moment!

The splendid Olympic events are still going on. Yili wishes the Chinese Winter Olympic athletes no fear of challenging themselves, enjoying the competition, and blooming on the world stage together with Chinese ice and snow.