On February 4, 2022, with the opening of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympics, all kinds of splendid ice and snow events are overwhelmed, and all kinds of intelligent robots have also entered the public eye.

Epidemic prevention and control, life services, digital communication and torch relay robots perform their respective duties in each Winter Olympics venue, escorting the events, empowering wisdom, and providing high-tech support for athletes and the media, becoming the “Science and Technology Winter Olympics”. The vanguard and the shining business card of China's smart technology.

  "Intelligent Robot General Mobilization": Each Performs Its Own Function and Shows Its Ability

  Epidemic prevention and control robots ensure the smooth progress of the Winter Olympics anti-epidemic and security work.

The Tokyo Olympics were not popular in terms of epidemic prevention and control, which inevitably caused doubts about the epidemic prevention work of large-scale international events such as the Olympics, but this "Science and Technology Winter Olympics" dispelled people's concerns.

China's past experience in successfully fighting the epidemic and the performance of this Winter Olympics have proved that intelligent robots can make a big difference in alleviating human load, reducing human-to-human infection, and improving safety levels.

Whether in preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics or during the competition, robots for disinfection, guidance, logistics, temperature measurement, security, and auxiliary diagnosis performed their respective functions and showed their abilities, which attracted great attention from participants and domestic and foreign media.

  The life service robot provides intelligent logistics services for the Winter Olympics participants.

During the Winter Olympics, the "robot chef" in the smart restaurant can cook Chinese and Western specialties, the "big white robot" can make master-level pour-over coffee, and the robotic arm can imitate human bartenders to make cocktails.

These high-tech robots show a high level of intelligence and automation. Many contestants expressed the surprises brought by the intelligent technology of the Winter Olympics by punching cards and eating and broadcasting, which also allowed foreign netizens to witness this "Science and Technology Winter". Austria's high-tech content.

  Amphibious robots and other aids in the Winter Olympics torch relay and competition preparations.

During the Olympic torch relay, a domestic robot simulating the shape of curling realized the first underwater torch relay in the history of the Olympic Games.

This high-precision butt-jointed water-land cross-medium torch transmission method presents the artistic beauty of torch underwater transmission, highlights the environmental protection concept of smokeless combustion, green and clean, and also subverts the traditional cognition of "water and fire are incompatible".

In addition, ski robots and curling robots have made great achievements in the preparation and training of competitions.

  Digital communication robots improve the communication and reporting efficiency of the Winter Olympics.

In addition to all kinds of physical robots, the Beijing Winter Olympics also put into use high-tech digital service robots. For example, the event news introduced the "Digital Human for Winter Olympics Sign Language Broadcasting", which can broadcast sign language in real time and satisfy the Winter Olympics experience for the hearing-impaired. However, the AI ​​translators who cover many languages ​​and have high translation accuracy improve the efficiency of real-time translation and help more people pay attention to the Winter Olympics.

  Science and Technology Winter Olympics Vanguard: Wisdom Empowerment, China Business Card

  Robots have improved the work efficiency of event organization and epidemic prevention and security.

Robots with high technology content, few service errors and high work efficiency not only effectively ensure the smooth progress of various tasks as the "safety guards" of the Winter Olympics, but also greatly reduce the burden on the staff.

For example, the closed-loop management of the current Winter Olympics requires a lot of manpower to complete the epidemic prevention work, but the use of robots such as sterilization, inspection, logistics and other types of robots has ensured that epidemic prevention and security work can be carried out smoothly in a cold environment and improved the accuracy of epidemic prevention. , and reduce the pressure of epidemic prevention.

Supported by high-tech tools such as robots and AI, China and the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee demonstrated their determination and ability to ensure the health and safety of Winter Olympics participants during the epidemic.

  Robots show the technological development trend of green environmental protection and clean energy.

From the underwater torch relay to the use of "green electricity" in all venues, from the use of clean energy in the transportation of the event to the use of renewable resources for all tableware, various environmental protection elements have enabled the Winter Olympics to achieve zero-emission energy supply and green electricity. , clean energy and other goals.

The torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympics adopted the "world's first smokeless burning green and clean water and air torch", which was in line with the Olympic concept of "green, shared, open, and clean", and highlighted the advantages of technology-enabled environmental protection. It demonstrates China's ability and determination to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality, and also makes technology and green concepts more deeply embedded in the Olympic spirit.

Robots are the shining business card of China's intelligent technology research and development strength.

From the Tokyo Summer Olympics to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the intelligent technology content in major international events has improved significantly in the past six months, and China's high-tech strength has also been fully reflected in this Winter Olympics.

Like digital payment, digital broadcasting, VR leisure and other technical tools at the Beijing Winter Olympics, intelligent robots embody the wisdom and efforts of Chinese scientific and technological workers, and are a shining business card of China's intelligent scientific and technological strength.

Some foreign media even called these intelligent technologies like turning sci-fi imagination into reality.

  The "Science and Technology Winter Olympics" is expected to further promote the process of China's technology-enabled smart life.

The "Robot Mobilization" of this Winter Olympics has outlined a smart blueprint for technology-enabled life for future life.

From robots playing an important role in the fight against COVID-19, to robots showing their abilities in the Beijing Winter Olympics, China's service robots are leading the world in terms of application types and popularity. Robot culture.

The concept of technology empowering life and integrating intelligence into the future is expected to be closer to the hearts of the people. The Winter Olympics will also accelerate the iterative update of the design concept and technical details of intelligent robots.

In the future, more intelligent robots will enter the homes of ordinary people, empowering daily life and shaping a better future.

  (Author: Ke Diqian, Cheng Lin, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)