In this spring battle, Toyota Motor's labor union submitted a request to management on the 16th.

We have significantly changed the way wage increases are requested, and instead of the average amount of all union members as before, the required amount is shown by "job type" and "class".

On the morning of the 16th, Toyota Motor's labor union submitted a request to the management side, and in the wage increase request, 12 patterns of request amounts were shown for "job type" and "class".

Of these, the mid-level class of skilled workers at production sites is demanding a monthly wage increase of 4080 yen.

Until now, the average amount requested by all union members was presented, but this is a major shift from this method.

While the demand level for wage increases is about the same as in the previous year, it is not clear whether it includes a base increase.

The Toyota Workers' Union says that it aims to stimulate discussions by clarifying the wage increase level of each employee, which will lead to the demonstration of abilities and motivation.

On the other hand, the bonus demanded a monthly salary of 6.9 months, which is even higher than last year's full answer, given the strong performance.

In response to the submission of the request, Mr. Kazuhiro Yoshikiyo, the secretary general of the "Federation of All Toyota Workers' Union" made by the labor unions of each Toyota Group company, met and said, "This policy is to consider how the request should be according to the situation of each company and union. I think I've been on the ground in a few years. We will hold discussions that will lead to solutions to workplace issues and improvement of job satisfaction. "

On the other hand, Toyota Motor Corporation's regular executive officer Kuwata responded to an interview online, saying, "I think that the idea of ​​a wage increase request that each person can feel is true, not the overall average. It's a fairly high level, but I think it's how we respond to the efforts of our members. "