Taiwan's semiconductor giant TSMC has announced that it will raise its investment in a new factory in Kumamoto Prefecture to nearly 1 trillion yen, which is about 180 billion yen more than originally planned.

It means that Denso, an automobile parts manufacturer, will join the business.

TSMC is aiming to build a new semiconductor factory in Kumamoto Prefecture with the Sony Group and start production by the end of 2024.

Regarding investment in the new plant, TSMC announced on the 15th that it will increase by about 180 billion yen from the announcement as of November last year to about 8.6 billion dollars, nearly 1 trillion yen in Japanese yen.

Employment of human resources who are familiar with advanced technology will also be expanded from 1500 to 1700, and semiconductors with higher performance than originally planned will also be produced.

It was also announced that Toyota Group's auto parts maker Denso will invest more than 10% in the company responsible for the factory business.

The company is expected to be the third largest shareholder, with TSMC having a majority stake and Sony having a less than 20% stake.

While the global semiconductor shortage has a major impact on the production of automobile manufacturers, DENSO aims to lead to stable procurement of semiconductors over the medium to long term.

"Denso" invests 40 billion yen

Meanwhile, Denso announced that it will invest approximately 40 billion yen in a subsidiary of Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC.

With the progress of electrification of cars and the development of autonomous driving technology, the aim is to stably secure the semiconductors required for parts.

According to the announcement, Denso will invest in a subsidiary established jointly with Sony Group by TSMC in Taiwan, the world's largest semiconductor contract manufacturer.

This subsidiary is aiming to build a new semiconductor factory in Kumamoto Prefecture and start production by the end of 2024, and Denso will invest about 40 billion yen in Japanese yen and acquire more than 10% of the shares. ..

In the automobile industry, due to the global shortage of semiconductors, factories are being shut down and production is being reduced one after another.

Regarding this investment, Denso commented that "semiconductors are becoming more and more important in the automobile industry due to the evolution of technology," and with the progress of automobile electrification and autonomous driving technology, the high demand for parts is high. The aim is to stably secure high-performance semiconductors.