The construction of the project started early. The advantageous industries have a good momentum and the market entities are full of vitality.

Hunan: Three Index Perspectives "Open the door firmly and open the door well"

  Spring River Plumbing "Number" Prophet.

An excavator shovels a piece of soil, a factory starts a production line, a market entity receives a loan... These data from the front line are the pulse of the economy's "beating".

  In the central province of Hunan, the "excavator index", "electricity consumption index" and "bank loan index" show that at the beginning of the new year, the project construction started early, the advantageous industries are gaining momentum, the market players are full of vitality, and the economic development shows a "stable opening". And the good momentum of "opening the door well".

"Excavator Index": Project construction started early

  The "excavator index" formed by the number of working hours of excavators is regarded as a weather vane for fixed asset investment and infrastructure construction.

  The Shugen Internet platform has connected hundreds of thousands of construction machinery and equipment. The data of this platform shows that since the Spring Festival, the number of working hours of excavators in Hunan Province ranks among the top in the country, and the "excavator index" shows a rapid upward curve. .

On February 6, the sixth day of the first lunar month, the accumulated working hours of excavators in Hunan Province on that day was 4,703.34 hours. The Spring Festival holiday has not yet ended, and this data has returned to the pre-holiday level.

  The plan of the year is spring.

Behind the "excavator index", various departments in Hunan are holding the "bull nose" of project construction, actively expanding effective investment, and cultivating new economic growth points.

  On the 12th, at the construction site of the urban distribution center project of Xujiaqiao Integrated Logistics Park in Yueyanglou District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, a number of large construction machinery roared and construction vehicles shuttled back and forth, a scene of great enthusiasm.

  As the only city in Hunan Province near the Yangtze River port, Yueyang City has planned the Xujiaqiao Integrated Logistics Park as a high-quality modern intelligent logistics industrial park.

The planned total investment of the park is 13 billion yuan, and after completion, it is expected to create employment for 20,000 people.

  "In order to ensure that the project is delivered on time, all management personnel will be on duty on the fifth day of the first lunar month to make preparations for the start of construction. Yueyang local employees even arrived on the third day of the first lunar month, and the entire construction site will start construction on the eighth day of the first lunar month." Xujiaqiao Integrated Logistics Park Chi Xin, the main constructor of the project, said.

  The reporter learned that after the holiday, Hunan Province started construction on 1,428 major projects with an investment of more than 50 million yuan.

These major projects are mainly concentrated in major industrial chains, technological innovation, major infrastructure and public services.

Among them, there are 961 strong basic projects in the innovation and industrial fields, with a total investment of 477.4 billion yuan, accounting for 63.1%.

  Zhou Haibing, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that the start-up projects have the characteristics of large total investment, excellent industrial quality and strong driving ability. A solid foundation has been laid for steady economic progress throughout the year.

"Electricity Consumption Index": Advantageous industries are gaining momentum

  The Electricity Consumption Index is a barometer of the industrial economy.

The energy big data intelligence platform of State Grid Hunan Electric Power Co., Ltd. covers 41 industrial sectors and 67 industrial parks.

Data from this platform shows that during the Spring Festival, a total of 417,000 industrial enterprises in Hunan maintained normal production, an increase of 61,000 from 2021.

The industrial average daily electricity amounted to 106 million kWh, a year-on-year increase of 13%.

  According to the "Power Consumption Index", on February 7, the operating rate of industrial enterprises in Hunan Province reached 70%, a year-on-year increase of 5.6 percentage points.

On February 10, the operating rate of industrial enterprises further increased to 77%.

  It is understood that the industries that do not stop working during the Spring Festival are mainly distributed in the advanced energy storage materials and new material industries, indicating that the market demand in these fields is strong.

  In Ningxiang Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province, the intelligent production line of Hunan Zhongwei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. did not stop during the Spring Festival, and it was still brightly lit at night.

On the seventh day of the first lunar month, more than 2,000 employees all returned to work, and the company ramped up production.

This year, the company's output has doubled.

  Hunan Zhongwei New Energy is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of cathode precursor materials for lithium batteries.

Li Qizhi, assistant to the general manager of the company, said that the company's strength and efficiency will be further enhanced due to the good start of the year, the upcoming delivery of the company's global R&D base and the continuous advancement of its internationalization strategy.

  As a major manufacturing province, Hunan has a number of advantageous industries such as construction machinery, rail transit, and new materials.

Since the beginning of this year, Hunan has strengthened its industrial "steady growth" work, including alleviating the temporary structural employment difficulties of enterprises through multiple channels, ensuring the employment of enterprises during the Spring Festival and post-holiday recruitment; timely coordinating the shortage of key components and important raw materials to effectively ensure the smooth operation of the supply chain .

  In the new year, Hunan proposed to fully implement the "chain-length system" to upgrade the advantageous industries in an all-round and full-chain manner.

The relevant person in charge of the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology said that this year will promote the construction of the development ecology of "industry + technology + finance + talents", cultivate a group of "chain master" enterprises, promote upstream and downstream supporting facilities, and enhance the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain.

"Bank Loan Index": Market entities are full of vitality

  The development of market entities is inseparable from "financial living water".

According to data from the Hunan Branch of China Construction Bank, as of January 31, the bank’s corporate loan balance was 427.525 billion yuan, an increase of 12.209 billion yuan from the beginning of the year; the inclusive loan balance was 7.048 billion yuan, an increase of 862 million yuan from the beginning of the year.

After the Spring Festival, the cumulative amount of inclusive financial loans issued has reached 1.336 billion yuan, and the number of loans has reached 1,462.

  At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, market players are prone to financial problems, and a loan may restore their vitality.

  Hunan Shaoyang Meililai Hair Products Co., Ltd. is a local "old brand" foreign trade enterprise. The wig pieces and wig head covers produced by the company are exported to Africa, Europe and the United States.

Affected by factors such as raw material prices and rising shipping costs, the company's profits fell last year, with a funding gap of nearly 10 million yuan, and its operations were once in trouble.

  Shaoyang City Finance Office was a matchmaker. At the end of last year and on the eve of the Spring Festival this year, Shaoyang Meililai Hair Products Co., Ltd. successively received two guaranteed loans totaling 10 million yuan from Shaoyang Branch of Agricultural Bank of China.

"This money is really timely and helps us tide over the difficulties." Liu Xiaozhong, chairman of the company, said that in the new year, the company will have more confidence in R&D investment and arranging new projects.

  In response to the problem of "difficult and expensive financing", many places in Hunan have "brightened" with practical measures.

Not long ago, a "financial supermarket" was launched in Wangcheng District, Changsha City, with more than 100 financial products on the shelves, playing the role of a "government-bank-enterprise" docking platform; Zhangjiajie High-tech Zone and the financial department set up a financial credit risk deposit, and "whitelist" companies can get the highest An unsecured working capital loan of RMB 5 million.

  Lou Hang, Vice President of the Changsha Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China, introduced that in 2022, it will give full play to the leading role of structural monetary policy tools to guide financial institutions to increase financial support for small and micro enterprises, supply chains, scientific and technological innovation, and green development. .

  With the implementation of a series of policy measures such as financial support, Hunan has a good momentum of cultivation and growth of market players.

At the end of January, Hunan was the first country in the country to issue a document in the name of the provincial government to promote the high-quality development of market entities, proposing that by the end of 2025, the province's market entities will reach 8 million, including 2.2 million enterprises, realizing the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Double the target.

(Reporters Bai Tiantian, Zhou Nan, Chen Yuxiao)