On the 14th of the week, the New York Stock Exchange saw an increase in sell orders due to concerns over the ongoing tension in Ukraine, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell for the third consecutive business day.

The New York stock market on the 14th, in addition to concerns about the situation in Ukraine, the fear of the record inflation that continues in the United States has spread due to the rise in the futures price of crude oil, the sell order increased, the Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily The price has dropped by more than $ 400 compared to last weekend.

After that, there was a buyback movement, and the closing price was $ 34,566,17, which was $ 171.89 lower than last weekend.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen for the third consecutive business day.

Market officials said, "Concerns about the uncertain outlook for the situation in Ukraine have led to a decline in stock prices, and for the time being, trends in the situation in Ukraine are likely to influence stock prices."